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Lakeside market
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Property type: Area of a house owned by a citizen: Yinchuan promotes the building that celebrate an area to have posture place: Lakeside market door model: 2Room1Hall1Defend1The balcony hires pattern: A complete set of is rental
Look for a person to close hire (Be restricted the male Sexual distinction is not restricted Be restricted female) floor: The 5th / always 501 [a house owned by a citizen] bus of along the line: Floor area: Hire of 60 square metre: 1200 yuan / half an year [the shortest lease: Half an year] pay requirement: One season pays cash pledge of the requirement: Decorated level in January: Have not decorateSimple and easy decorateIntermediate decorateHigh-grade decorate establishment of form a complete set: Water Kitchen Water heater Phone Television TV wired Report Electric fan
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