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Comments: talk about low-rent housing built base rent limit
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Ministry of Housing and Urban recently introduced "commodity housing rental management", in practice the case of the lessor rental division to provide rental housing to the original design of the room should be minimum rental units, the per capita floor area of not less than renting the local people the minimum standards required by the Government. (December 15, "the Beijing Evening News") True, the house is divided into many small rooms rented, the cost for renters is indeed reduced. May seem affordable at the same time, a variety of risks are followed. Therefore, the Department of Housing and Urban regulations limit the new group of tenants, the tenant can also be understood as the sake of safety. Even so, can not ignore the reality is, when the first-tier cities have soared rent short term, Beijing, nearly 20% increase even when they did not mention the low-rent housing, and rent the first to mention limit groups, not only pushing up rent? After all, the limited group of rent means more people will be forced to hire a "construction area of not less than the local people's governments at the minimum standards" of the house more people, less room, rent is not up strange. In my opinion, limited group of rent, it will only allow the "ant" nowhere to go. You know, if their conditions permit, who do not want to rent in the larger house. Now the developer says, you can not afford to rent housing. The Department also provides housing construction, you can not afford to rent housing I do not care, but we can not base rent. This people can not help wondering, both can not afford housing and rental housing who can not afford the live? Should we sleep Avenue fragmentation? Therefore, low-cost housing has not entered a reality, hastily set limits base rent, part of the population is bound to damage the housing rights and other rights to survival, such a provision or slow out as well.