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Considerable influx of retirees: rent over winter in Hainan
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"Cold wave coming, we have to Haikou cold, ready to spring days in March next year to come back." Although Shanghai yesterday began to experience fierce cold wave hit, but the old man and Zhang Wang Po, the Hainan to enjoy the warmth of life is . In addition to Hainan, but yesterday, reporters found that Shanghai is part of the "old wave" includes a place together for the winter in Yunnan and other places. And their "birds" different way of life, and some directly from the house rented in Hainan. Over from the "migratory bird" life "Hainan's climate and environment are good, very suitable for cold winter." In September of this year, Wang's son Wang old man bought a house in Haikou, and then the elderly will be sent to sea for the winter. "New Year, my friends and I went to the sea is also preparing to go to the New Year. Other times, agencies may be entrusted to take care of the house, not only investment but also to their parents cold, do both." For the first time ever in Hainan, "migratory birds" life, the king came to us feeling very fresh, "began to worry that there will be many, and later found that the short life of a good pension. Last two weeks, we have been in the tour. Within the district luxury swimming pool, a community 10 minutes to the beach, sea coconut shadow, blue sky, the scenery is beautiful. mainly warmer winter weather in Hainan. " The single greatest comfort is that of Wong Lo Boxin, his wife has high blood pressure, in previous years, always nervous before the onset of cold, "to ease the winter this year." In the interview, the reporter learned that "old wave" and "birds" different way of life, some local relatives and friends to spend the winter in Hainan, some children several years ago bought the investment in the local old-age housing, usually rental, in the winter back home for the elderly to stay two or three months, there is a good reputation in the local selection of pension institutions. Of course there are more "boom" of the elderly. It is understood that before the coming of the cold, Shanghai, many elderly people have been good in the south for the winter the house rent. Each season has a plan There in the winter to the south for the winter, of course, have a summer to summer, Shandong and other places. In the interview, the reporter learned that "old wave" Every season has its own plan: spring, fall to live in Shanghai, his home, the summer flew to Weihai, winter living in Hainan, where old-age in three seasons. Zhang old man retired cadres in Qingdao this summer is to avoid the summer heat, "the rise of the mountain, the window see the sea, where the farmers to buy the freshest vegetables and seafood." After more than two months after the pastoral life, short-lived Zhang returned to Shanghai after the old man, also Hupenghuanyou to Yunnan for the winter. Zhang old man to reporters just T account: their married children, there is housing. Himself and his wife in Shanghai, lived in a two bedroom house, another area of 45 square meters have a small house is always rented out, the monthly rent of 1,000 yuan. "Every year more than 10,000 yuan or so rent, just go to different places to rent. We would be sufficient to exchange the old couple around our travel and living expenses." In some developed countries, "Migrant" is already very high proportion of the elderly, such as many elderly people have moved to Thailand, Japan, Singapore and other national holidays, pension. In recent years, some domestic enterprises have apartments in the development of rural health, and some 10 million can have a house less than a 30-year tenure.