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Yinchuan low-rent housing guarantee to cancel qualification 1157
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November 8, Yinchuan City, the housing and Social Security Bureau on the implementation of this target low-cost housing security situation in the dynamic regulation of communications. This year the city of Yinchuan city of 10,059 low-income housing for needy families low-cost housing security implemented by the relevant units of joint nuclear trial, a 1157 by providing false information or no longer meet the security standards for disqualification. Since 2009, Yinchuan City, the object began to housing security for dynamic regulation. Monthly housing authority area will be randomly spot check some of the family, their household income, population, living conditions and other investigations. Yinchuan City housing security in conjunction with the Home Office each year, district offices and other departments to focus on annual examination. In addition, if received complaints from the public, staff will visit the survey. 2009, 535 families were disqualified. Through the layers of review this year, there are 1,157 families no longer eligible for protection, recovery of low-rent housing allowance funds for a total of 4.2 million yuan. It is reported that the abolition of reasons: some families have purchased homes or income level exceeds the standards, no longer meets the conditions of low-rent housing guarantee; economic conditions improve, since the purchase of the fitness room or housing; incomes, reduction of personnel and other factors make the changes in family circumstances ; individual who provides false information, fraud protection status, who have been investigated. Of improper means to obtain low-cost rental housing, housing or economic security of urban residents, Yinchuan City, has ordered its withdrawal from the housing to protect low-rent housing, and pay market rent and the average difference between the standard rent low-rent housing, 5 years longer into the housing support. In addition, false certification of the unit, will be held accountable according to law.