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I do not have the day that rents a house complain without on my bosom his child
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[Summary] this is a term that the near future keeps in Wang Jiaqi brain from beginning to end, she does not know what course to follow, this man that how loves with oneself stands fast go down. Treat love, she is obstinate, like the idea act according to oneself, and the result often is not her again can the palm accuses. Then, she is helpless, panic must go to the side of cliff like, be about to drop next small bunny that go. She wants to save oneself, already can lose power.

When he goes be a soldier, I conceived his child

When I and understanding of 10 thousand boat, he is 17 years old, I am 19 years old. Our muddled of that age is ignorant, expand enthusiasticly, love gets dark all round. He must do not have a word to say very much to me, those dribs and drabs, I am remembered well in the heart up to now, otherwise I won't love him so greatly.

Wang Jiaqi's language fast very fast, a pure northward oral speech sound.

His home condition is bad, when we talk, my father objects stoutly. Mom is in I very the hour died, father me drag is big very not easy, although father becomes me like baby, at every turn by me, but only alone he wants this job I listen to him. I apparently agreed, be together with 10 thousand boat or be bored with privately.

Talked two years, he says to want to be a soldier, this is very abrupt, then he goes check-up, busy extremely. Very fast, my defect was entered want parting anguish with him in the center. As the be over of all sorts of formalities, he should go really. That day, ground of my be reluctant to part sends the car on him, he exhorts I am taken care of, looking at me with earnest eyes, saying it seems that: “ you are waiting for me in the home, I come back after two years. ”

The first his week to army, I discover I was pregnant, did not tell him this news, because I do not want to pull his hind leg,be. In those days, my think of a way is very simple, if our life produces the change of great difference from now on, so, I am flat be born this child, will think him henceforth in me so when, can see his sign from child body.

I ask: “ you do not know to raise a child to want to pay a lot of, suffer many pain? ” Wang Jiaqi laughed lightly: “ perhaps our live the environment is different, up to now I did not become aware I look after children is very bitter, contrary, she gave me a lot of pleasure. ”

My abdomen rises greatly every day, and in the world that my criterion is enmeshed in oneself, speak with the child in abdomen everyday. I feel I am very happy, carefree. Arrive when the 6th month, I make groovy inspection to the hospital, the doctor says I am OK induced labor, do not pass the body requirement with me, best choice is be born the child.

Not be I had not shaken, however the child is bigger, I am hated to part with more, my father also agrees with my general child to be born. In 10 thousand boat and him complete unwitting circumstance leaves family, I was delivered of a daughter, she does not have registered permanent residence up to now. I dare not stay in the home, outer hired a house to hide, after all, I maiden produce the job that next children are not a glorious.
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