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What do Beijing of 10 legend of big sodden poop deck build a row among them?
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[Summary] every building dish have a paragraph of history rear, or happy event or Bei, if colleague is unripe,to estate this belongs wealthy person only " play " game, the attention of people is centered in the conqueror of game mostly, "Into king defeat bandit " the phenomenon is perforative without exceptional ground go up in field of landed fame and gain.

However, the person that have a success has surely frustrated person. Seeing be used to a series of successful buildings dish after the story, we might as well go looking for once frustrated building dish ——— namely the sodden poop deck that common weighs, experience their preexistence this life, see them be in the destiny now how, also be the building city that finishs sociological meaning to go up to discuss.

Somebody thinks, the best story should be tragic atmosphere begin, comedic ending ending. And what is the tragiccest tale? I think, should be:  of  string eye spins fear to enter book of  of Xing Sao  to band Mu Xun goes character quail is dead?mdash;—— of acute hearing Xing as Xin Hai triumphal fructification of revolution is usurped by Yuan Shikai general. The building of such experience on booth dish make party very depressed for certain, here, the story of uncle of the most classical Deng of Zhi Ren of Deng of nothing is more... than:

The rosary of “ child ”——— that Deng uncle endure all kinds of hardships brings up, pester a body with respect to 100 disease as a child, do Deng Dabai is exhaustedly, eventually heart grey meaning is cold, the child gratuitious go out. Through a paragraph of twists and turns, final Shandong Liang Xisen holds “ child ” in the arms come home. Result miracle appeared, liang Xisen actually effect a miraculous cure and bring the dying back to life, rosary is new coruscate glorious, become the pronoun with high-grade and villatic capital very quickly from famous sodden poop deck. Do you say to be done for other marry is the Deng Dabai of the garment subdued?

Senior sale expert points out: A sodden end dish whether turn over, need 3 requirements. It is primary market condition evaluates this project; 2 it is capital and debt situation; 3 it is the level that holds dish of hand, among them the most crucial factor is its determination size. Look Liang Xisen satisfied these a few requirements.

From this, we are derivative a topic: It is building city had appeared in 10 old course many sodden poop deck, their current situation how? Can you turn over? What anecdote anecdote is there?

These are very interesting the thing that also has recreational pleasure very much. Consequently we decide “ looks for wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation of city of ” home building in once ” of “ emerge in large numbers goes out 10 big frustrated sodden poop deck, with the perspective that our recreation changes, arrange the story of their preexistence this life, collect the experience that they are dispute blame, try to comment on, let more readers understand by dusty ” of long already “ building work.
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