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Hire room old practice: The hate and desire that courtyard of correct plaque coo
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[Summary] sociologist thinks, "New cohabitational era " this kind of men and women " close to hire and be resided " very easy without the person that contains power defect takes emotion sloughy. This ought to be a kind of caution.

Be in the Guangzhou that chummage does not poor, the young men and women that each other are not acquainted certainly adds up to the phenomenon that rents one house to be able to be found everywhere, they are to 38 years old the ab extra Wu between is versed in 18 years old mostly youth, they do not understand certainly add up to the age that hires associate, marriage to deny wait for a state and live together one house, some resembles a lover even even husband and wife lives together commonly.

Guangzhou this one “ that appears stealthily is new cohabitational times ” , some of what person is adding up to the person that hire? They are held how do one kind close hire …… of state of mind

Come day after day, the reporter was interviewed many close hire house to add up to the person that hire, record those who lay person of Guangzhou new the Hakkas to close to hire and be resided live condition and its are little-known story.

Close hire the Yue condition in house: Two male two female each other respect be in harmony of coadjutant Le Rong

Village of the member that be in Guangzhou city road of 2 horizontal strokes in one rented house, living move two male two female. Two male is to come from Henan Nanyang, two come from Hubei assist femaly to fence, as a result of dialectal close, with fellow-townsman proportional. Two men work in an ad firm, two girls do sale work in city of computer of the Milky way. After the Spring Festival passes this year, two men go up in wall through paste close hire information, close with two girls hire together. Two girls spent 300 yuan of money to buy 14 inches secondhand the television is placed in hall; Two male youths bought a VCD and two sound box, everybody recreation, happy also happy and harmonious.

Close hire live together, each other of 4 men and womens is respected help each other. Sitting room, toilet, kitchen, balcony is public site, of balcony left air is lady dress, of right air is man dress, entirely different; The lamp of half sitting room is punctual at 10 o'clock in the evening shut, answer a room to rest severally, each other noninterference.

Two girls tell a reporter, their original intention just thinks help seeking a person gives half room to expend, it is to want honest and honest person of course, as to why should look for the male to close hire, because live together to have safe feeling with the boy,be; Two men say, they spend 160 yuan of chummage and water charge of electricity every months only each, very economical, “ says those two girls are done skill is well again dish, only beautiful 10 come yuan of money buy food, the meal with one beautiful desk lets us 4 people eat full. We just worked, can save be saved! We have that meaning to them! Perhaps the family has early with respect to renown flower advocate. ”
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