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Female undergraduate hires a room to do parent of family education stoned the do
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The school is about to have a holiday, the outer preparation that rent a house does two female undergraduates class of English family education. Did not think of yesterday before dawn, a middleaged man that just took a son to had signed up is malty and drunken, must live come in, still shouting to call a schoolgirl for company.

23 years old allow young lady and fellow student Miss Wu is Nanjing university is big 3 students, still have a few days, the school was about to have a holiday, they plan not to come home spend the New Year, hire a house to make English teaching in home in Nanjing. Then, two people were issueing village of hill of gold involving an area to spent 700 yuan of money to lease a building several days ago, preparation lodges in the evening, roll out the class of English family education of the characteristic that occupy the home by day. Because collect fees not tall, daylong ability receives 50 yuan of fund, small advertisement is released after going out, very quickly 6 children sign up, preparation is on winter vocation, come English of this take lessons after school. The day before yesterday midday, the middleaged man Zhao Mou that lives around is taking son of 13 years old to signed up, make 500 yuan of money on the spot, the decision is in to the son this take lessons after school English of 10 days.

Yesterday before dawn 2 when, make young lady and Miss Wu firm strip sleep, keep knocking with respect to somebody. Think the boy friend that is oneself came over to play, make underwear of young lady dress open the door, looking is drinks drunkly Zhao Mou unexpectedly, frighten she answered house to put on coat rapidly, cry on Miss Wu comes out together, accusatorial Zhao Mou the late night comes here what to do. Zhao Mou says he wants to come English of take lessons after school, after learning from good examples, oneself coach again son, two girls find both funny and annoying, persuade him to go back rapidly, arrived winter vacation delivers the child, they coach well certainly. Unexpectedly, loud shout wears Zhao Mou, say oneself are malty wine, the decision slept not to go here in the evening, shout to still draw out a few Zhang Baiyuan money at the same time at the same time, say the accommodation that is in the evening is expended. After putting money on the desk, zhao Mou develops a bedroom, lie on the bed to breathe out very quickly breathe out fall asleep. See Zhao Mou is malty wine, make the young lady dare be not mixed with Miss Wu he is academic, the floor left after getting dressed, the 110 policemans that patrol were found to appeal outside the village. After the policeman comes to a room, zhao Mou still breathes out on the bed breathe out to sleep greatly, make a young lady take out the list that family education signs up, find his domestic telephone call, hit a phone to give his wife, told this matter. Very fast, zhao Mou's wife searched furiously, drag a husband to procrastinate toward the door into the door, the edge pulls an edge to scold. Right now, zhao Mou also has some of wine to wake, be forced to follow the building below the wife to come home, make a young lady take out the teaching in home of 500 yuan of money that Zhao Mou reachs at the outset to expend, returned Zhao wife, let her lose Zhao Mou the money on the desk to take away again. Zhao Qixiang makes young lady and Miss Wu way apology, hope they do not want be in a state of anxiety.
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