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The city that suits 12 constellation to live looks your appropriate to occupy wh
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The job, the job, still work. The Capricorn that works only in brain is the most satisfactory the place with much work. Economy of this whole nation opens Guangzhou —— city, by the Capricorn people cast with top mark.

If which ask a constellation likes a city most, it is bottle of course undoubted, bacchic city life, give bottle a kind of very familiar sense. So, the biggest urban —— Shanghai, of course most the favour that accepts bottle.

Depend on deep-sea constellation to, also can choose the constellation that concerns with the sea of course. Hainan visits big talk town, much better place, in the seaside, still have several seas word, suit piscine fish too people intention!

To Aries, did not compare the city in a change quickly more let them feel ease thing. And one of cities with the sharpest change- - Shenzhen, it is Aries enjoyed the game with time race.

Sedate Niu Niu people do not hope to have any fluctuant, include weather even, be like all the year round spring Kunming is again appropriate to them did not pass, the scenery is pretty, still have a few renown food.
----Hong Kong

Like the Gemini that information delivers, the life that is in Hong Kong is very satisfied certainly. Internationally metropolitan provided incomputable information, the satisfaction of the oldest rate the curiosity of Gemini.

Taking Wu Su accent of one's native place collect lotus daughter to swing boat riverside, shan Mingshui's warm Changjiang Delta breath. Remember beautiful Suzhou, anybody is likely drunk, more what is more,the rather that tender feelings Cancer!

Hum, I am a leader, where should the leader be. Was opposite, it is a capital, that Beijing place although climate is bad. But the fame by the capital, it is good that I also live over with respect to careless.

Alas, pollution is over there, dirty stuff, live to me with respect to neither one Sukhavati? Oh, do you say Qingdao? Pretty good. Very clean city, still have blue sky blue sea. The first selection city that is us really.

Hum, balance balance should be impartial, the position among is best. So the Xi'an that is located in Central Plains arrives is to be able to look. So it still is in ancient time political culture center that, namely over there!

The central —— Lhasa of Qinghai-Tibet Platean, the sense that gives a person resembles considering the scorpion that does not appear, the place with world top height above sea level, mysterious religious breath, everything over there, gave scorpion to suit suitable nutrient.

Of course, do not have better than resort of a travel abode, guilin of the whole nation's famous scenery city —— is optimal choice undoubtedly. Just, look get be used to, archer people extremely static think of move, think of other local travel went again.
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