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The ear inside rental room is big asthma of charming of groan of night of night
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The lover of adjoining madam, it is me.

I stay in beautiful scene garden 17 buildings 1702, she lives 1703, lying between wall, I often hear her whoop and scream.

Is knowing house sound insulation too does difference or she cry too badly? Every other half month, she is about to scream, her gentleman, every half moon come back.

Because I hear a scream the meeting is very incommensurate, that shriek too as inevitable as sexy show, I cannot be visited, be like attempt an ineffective solution, if smell,the scent of biscuit is empty however abdomen has gone.

Most time, the woman next door does not scream, with a clang pull inside play noisy mahjong sound, can ring sometimes overnight, ring sometimes in the middle of the night, by day when it is quiet, fortunately I also am one person does Soho in the home, otherwise, the door that can seek her accuses her to annoy.

I am moved superabundant in January, see Mrs Chen admires with respect to Jing for the first time, she is wearing cheongsam of Chinese ink green to stand in the doorway, beautiful next laugh: Came again new neighbor, later great coordinate.

Her Ming Yan let me frighten jump, let me remember " pattern time " medium Zhang Manyu, dan Mingming she is not Zhang Manyu, zhang Manyu does not hit mahjong, she hits mahjong, I notice her finger, slightness is gotten fie-fie, often a few days change a color, not be colourful blue it is Ming Gong, anyhow, it is coquettish.

Such expression always lets me remember a person to come, liu Xiaoman, now and then, I also hear her to sing Kunqu opera, most propbably her husband is rich, because the headgear on her hand never weighs appearance to pass, another, it is ablaze diamond or pearl completely.

My nest is in the home in to a firm change red star writes an autobiography, this year, it is a person not be the person should give a book, keep frying do oneself, her title cries " I and my lovers " , very exciting, one has taken the female colourful bit of a few small pieces only, with oneself unexpectedly how many lover is acclaimed for stunt, hey, who goes be in charge of her? I want the royalty that I nod 10 times only, charge of electricity of paid chummage, water and farfetched expenses went.

But I am unaccustomed her shriek, why does she want so licentious? My cummer, every other a month flies to see me from Shanghai, but she does not cry, she says, the ability when the woman is borne is beautiful.

It is I suffer the mahjong reputation that does not get her to just look for those who come to go.

My person wrote before dawn in the evening that day a bit, mahjong sound still enthusiastic, stay before computer, my word also writes no less than going to.

That one in succession the clatter of mahjong lets me want what to break, for instance, mrs Chen that piece of pink is tender, pornographic face.

She always resembles a baby to look at you euqally, ask next: True, true?
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