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Close accidentally hired me to fall in love with her we will live together all o
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[Summary] that or the thing a year ago. Because have the bad habit that the late night creates, I do not have a law to mix in dormitory, rented a 2 houses in celestial being cabinet one hall. Get online next took a note, seek close hire associate. After 3 days, I received the telephone call of a schoolgirl, the other side says what a company is stationed in mansion to do to she is Europe, ask I can accept the opposite sex to close hire, if can be accepted, meet fine talk. I feel too abrupt, because I never had considered,close with unfamiliar opposite sex hire. So, I very politely decline. My rejection is of course: I am not people or honour or demote the “ that the ground is talking about is new new mankind ” , I can be the mechanism cadre with old education getting a party, follow rules is gotten very.

The following day, I carry small songs in a film or play with the friend. The friend is taking the envy of one face, laugh jokingly: “ is breathed out, which all one's life repairs your boy the good luck that come, the girl searchs actively come to come, why to work, you are not in an unfavorable situation again, the opposite sex hires popular now move together. You do not make me good. ” I am not quite stupid, the “ that still can listen to his place to say at least is not in an unfavorable situation the implication of ” . I also understand to the friend thinks even if give me this small cadre again 10 bravery, I also dare not do what opposite sex to close hire. But I the heart has unwilling: Without giving thought to how, meet always can, can see those opposite sexes add up to the person that hire to grow at least how about. Then, I from the v in the mobile phone her phone, going up about with her the island meets.

She is the white-collar beauty of a standard, style of conversation is gentle, dress is normal, and, the hair is black still, this more or less beyond my expect. She says she makes ice, fuzhou person, because with the girl that live the dot haggles over every ounce, want to try the opposite sex to close hire. That evening, we sat hour of one or two, talk so that still calculate harmonious, come down to close surely hired. Namely that evening, my the same night helps her remove property. After be being moved, I laugh laugh at the ground to ask her: “ are you afraid of color of disaster of my disaster money? I am aware of ” to shine in the eye and an uneasiness passes from her. She takes hesitant ground to say slightly: “ is not afraid of, the person in mechanism, should reliable. ” , so she also does not have too much psychology preparation.

Join the day live in peace with each other that hire, pass not badly. She can teach me a few English words when leisure, static when coming down, still be met and the y of d of S a n that I listen to single-edged eyelid together sings.

The opposite sex closes hire be regarded as in mechanism heretical, so, I dare not let a colleague know I close with the opposite sex hire, also dare not let a friend know, because the friend of my friend may be my colleague. Need not I say you also know, there always are a few pieces of dull mouths in mechanism, in these dull mouths, a mice can be said very quickly a huge and clinking pig, I do not want to become by deductive object. Such, I feel my behavior appears attack by surprise of cloak of block having a place, furtive. This kind of furtive idea lets my feel too ashamed to show one's face.
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