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Building city rises amount to 7 years to come New Year of difficult block of the
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The house of the capital is used more and more igneous appearance has been been not at all, according to reporter observation, from last year year end begins, the person that buy a house also is unable to bear or endure again the temptation that house price rises continuously, begin to buy a house centrally, new dish of general appearance that sell like hot cakes makes capital floor city, and a few high quality Lou Panyou its are chased after by the market hold in both hands.  

City of floor of capital of   of land set limit to " go up noise rises "  

Say according to Beijing statistic bureau, below the setting that implements measure of a series of macroscopical adjusting control in the country, 2004 supply and demand of Beijing estate market two flourishing, total level of house sale price rises than 2003 3.7% , go up increased 3.4 percent. Sale price shows annual commodity house the situation that chases season to rise, among them four quarters rise 6.3% , achieve 7 years to come highest.  

In different situation, the business of each big estate development of Beijing even governmental official, issued the signal that building city rose 2005 consistently. Look in them, the main factor that price of the house that prop up rises basically is like below a few respects. Above all 8.31 later, it is not as easy as in former years already that estate develops business to take the land, together with capital has land to put an amount year after year decreases, land is becoming hoard as a rare commodity, social status is added times more naturally. The addition of land cost, and of the cost such as the rolled steel that drive, cement ordinal rise in price, caused the when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation of its terminal product directly.  

Next, the capital gold scale that the State Council asked to develop estate fixed assets to invest a project 2004 from 20% raise 35% above to wait, the came on stage to rise to develop business undoubtedly doorsill entering town of numerous and constrictive policy, bring about what commodity house measures into city to decrease.  

Additional, external environment improves exciting requirement, pull moved house price to go tall continuously. Concerned personage thinks, to receive 2008 the Olympic Games, beijing city changes a process to be accelerated ceaselessly, spurred the demand of housing, especially as people living standard rise, buy high quality housing to already became townsman to consume the important sign that upgrade.  

High quality building dish more suffer chase after hold   in both hands

Show according to the data of statistical bureau, total level of the house price that rent rose than 2003 2004 3.4% , no matter be the residence, still be business shop, have extremely high return rate, but integrated and character, high quality project more suffer investor to reach live oneself the favour of the person that buy a house.  
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