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The bank should not is opposite again tall house price add fuel to the fire
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This year beginning of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, house price growth still carries on powerful last year ascendant momentum. To this, the concerned expert of national statistic bureau points out, house price growth will is opposite too quickly development of national economic stability causes an effect.   

In growth of price of house of prate of a few experts, estate great progress is opposite when national economy grows good opinion, in price of house of prate of a few experts growth will be pulled move national economy to develop greatly, and take the country such as the United States, Japan when estate big development serves as evidence, to the national economy moving know sth like the palm of one's hand, country statistic that can have data and understanding economy to run specific quota system in detail bureau expert comes out to point out publicly, house price has risen to go against economic growth quickly, having strong conviction and important sense.   

The author agrees and experts of bureau of admiring country statistic grow too quickly to develop the analysis of adverse effect to economy about house price. House price rises the macroscopical adjusting control that goes against national economy and monetary credit policy too quickly carry out fulfil. Resemble what what Zhang Haiwang of vice director of lab of center of boom of national statistic bureau says " stability of continuity of the finance after house price has risen to will go against share-holding system reform and RMB business quickly to open to the outside world, structure is optimized and the risk decreases. "   

In the meantime, house price rises too quickly to also be gone against dissolve financial venture even venture of under cover banking. House price growth is too rapid, make long term loan increases necessarily, and the house of the price does not fall high to make large quantities of empty buy rooms cannot be digested quite in time again, those who go against loan is seasonable remand, what go against financial venture thereby is better be on guard.   

The author thinks, what house price rises too quickly to still bring price necessarily is not stable become the factor that causes inflation even, also restricting the addition of farmer income, steady to farmer income growth causes an effect. House price growth increases labour force too quickly to transfer cost and income expenses already, reduce income of farmer salary sex directly, raised labour force to turn into difficulty again, restrict salary sex income to rise from speed of move of cloggy labour force.   

In addition, the too rapid growth of house price is stricken the biggest is townsman, increased the psychology of townsman and mental pressure, live below an environment that how cannot rank quite, how can spirit participates in society of construction socialism harmony happily. Inside present major person or or the housing that live in past welfare to be divided, or is the room is divided in welfare before long, unit a little cheap fund raising inside the room, or is tall indebted buy a house, and partial youth faces tall house price only and promote sigh. Problem of a housing, lowered the living standard of townsman greatly, increased the economy of townsman and life burden greatly. Had commercialized thoroughly in housing, below commercial case, in housing safeguard system still does not have perfect case to fall, be in house is tall before the house price that does not leave, the outlet that major citizen visits less than living and work in peace and contentment really wheres.   
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