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Has house price not know to queue up to buy a house why?
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Queueing up to buy number again! The period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in March 1 is divided, after the reporter hears this news, immediateness is driven go to the spot. This has been those who queue up the following day, one word discharges the road austral the person edge Zhongshan that the spot queues up to buy number, vast and mighty 200 meters, it may be said is grand, before must making citizen of a few Shanghai remembers ten years, queue up to buy the scene of Venus color television by the ticket.  

Be located at the road austral Zhongshan garden of the beach outside 200 lane gold 7 of 3 buildings, mix 8 numbers a date 9 when be 4 buildings in all 187 commodity house, had been the source of the 3rd period room that group of the beach outside gold develops at present, the time making a room of all room source should arrive 2007, in period room " not within the foreseeable future " below the circumstance, fall without public state of affairs in the price, below the room condition that does not know, why the so much person that queue up go after sth like a flock of ducks? !  

"Part of hype of development business   is large "  

Common saying says, the onlookers see most clearly. A lot of people that look on are guessing, this is the hype that develops business! The price that connect a house does not know, queue up to buy what number! The reporter understands, what person queueing up buys is not house bugle call, shake the early days of date works however, think the person that buys a house stocks 100 thousand yuan the bank that development business appoints first, taking deposit to prove to queue up to buy a number next, will final on March 4 from bought number in the center shake-out 187 date, so-called be the lucky number person go raising room number again.  

Be in not just selling office spot, developing the bank that business appoints, the phenomenon that appeared to queue up likewise, look want to stock 100 thousand yuan account to also be not easy thing. In the subbranch of a bank of horizontal creek bridge of Shanghai bank, the reporter sees, the person that queue up is especially much, a person should wait for ability of on a few hours to prove 100 thousand yuan of deposit to come out, because queue up to be hit over,return somebody even, hear oral speech sound these people queueing up are in the majority with lukewarm city person, it is Shanghai person next.  

Cue is in all the time continuance, the reporter enters a selling office without method, arrive continuously so on March 3 afternoon, phone of carry out building is busy tone entirely, development business rejects those who accept a reporter to interview. But be in namely that day afternoon, cue disappeared! The reporter hears the news to drive carry out building to the spot again, the person that discovers the spot comes round to buy number already 0 medicinal powder, the person that buys number must prove to reach his Id by deposit, the gift of layer upon layer toll-gate that passes security personnel enters a selling office. On March 3 afternoon at 2 o'clock time, the reporter takes the advantage of security personnel carelessly, buy number person infiltrate as selling office.  
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