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Grabbing a house is market of money Shanghai estate still be to go up sound
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Of price of the cold heat that forecasts building city, house go up drop, be afraid is current an issue that makes the personage inside course of study say to forbid most. Obviously macroscopical adjusting control fell to the estate of overheat already lukewarm, but before you can say Jack Robinson, all sorts of evidence make clear, investment objective still is in exalted " eat into " , impendent risk are they not witting? People can'ts help wanting to ask, does the space that building city investment gains profit have after all how old?  

Shanghai: Grabbing a house is money  

Shanghai begins from 2003, central board piece it is little that land supplies it may be said little, until 2004 second half of the year, already bought hard to 10 thousand gold, without ground practicable state. Development business is in contend for grab land, common people is in scare buying house. Recently, the reporter is in England " financial times " on see news of a picture, on March 2, shanghai grows dragon since hundreds person platoon, scare buying downtown manages popular building dish, price of every square metre exceeds 20 thousand yuan. To prevent to produce an accident, shanghai dispatched the police maintains order to the spot. Shake of this kind of scene lived the line of sight of foreign reporter, exclamation, the house of Shanghai sells mad!  

According to Shanghai media coverage, city of Shen Cheng building today spring go situation continue driving, be in the place with the convenient traffic near downtown and core line, open a floor newly dish almost each is good annul. The new building with a few better recently quality dish the degree that reached to want all night scare buying queueing up almost, many development business cancelled to reserve a room, greet sb even the related side buy a room to give hard contented. The reporter understands, some building in road of river of the Luqi austral Pudong dish, the person that queue up is mostly what work in Pudong is medium the downtown dweller of youth and passive change. In open quotation removed cue with respect to the platoon in the morning before today, sale company is terrible much more confused and have an accident, must recourse to door of the Ministry of Public Security. Some building that collects means of north of area Xu rainbow in Xu dish, 300 houses have 1800 people to book unexpectedly, do so that sell a company " not dare " easily open quotation, the member that for fear that causes a person is squeezed.  

In site of building of carry out of some single boarding house, a middleaged lady that orders 2 flatlet tells to interview her reporter, sale of Shanghai single boarding house is hot last year, because oneself invested consciousness to miss an opportunity not by force, see this this kind of property appears on the market, queue up early. This lady buys two flatlet to make an appointment with 600 thousand yuan in all, head pay 2 into, mortgage 8 into, press reimbursement period 15 years to calculate, need reimbursement every months to make an appointment with 3806 yuan. If rent two flatlet, every months of hire can be gotten 4000 reach 5000 yuan, enough return bank loan.  
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