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New edition buys room contract to implement lawyer group next week one by one an
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"3 · 15 " day of protection of consumer rights and interests is forthcoming, new edition buys room contract to also begin to execute at the same time. New edition contract and old edition contract have very big different, system added two from article amount not only now, achieve 28, mainer is compulsory to a lot of rights relation undertook adjustment. Last week day, editorial office of our newspaper estate invites Beijing law assist the commissarial Chen Xu's lawyer of estate major committee, Qin Bing's lawyer, Deng Zemin's lawyer and heart of owner Shu Ke, how to use new edition contract to safeguard the rights and interests that buy a house to undertake discussing with respect to the person that buy a house.   

■ protection of article of new contract set buys room person   

Chen Xu: Prep according to new old treaty wording, we notice, new treaty wording can increase a few relevant provisions that issue often produces in a lot of practice, provided the basis on a contract. The commodity house in the past trades in buying and selling, on a lot of problems, the demonstrative text that the government recommends did not make an agreement, comparative to develop business partly or broker company, in carry out building when, say this is the text version that the government makes, cannot change, it is not kinetic that ordinary common people thinks this is the thing that the government makes, make the demonstrative text that organic can misinterpret government recommends personnel of these carry out building. Because,be this reason, our government is in charge of a branch to consider these issues, summarize the problem that produces before two years, involve the issue of guaranty for instance, the modificatory problem of the program, the problem that the building connects is waited a moment, make the basis that we have a contract on these problem processing. Below current market condition, if say the guidance that does not have a government leads the market, gradually its standardization, the market may more confused.   

Deng Zemin: New contract set article, the item that did not agree to the contract before this undertakes conventional, protection buys room person. For instance, new edition contract set the clear height of the building, set the guaranty condition that concerns like commodity house especially, this past is do not have, and guaranty circumstance to the society fair show, buy a house for nothing obviously.   

Still have the commitment of a few establishment, many these promises are more detailed than the contract previously, and wrote explicitly achieve what kind of requirement, especially place of nursery school, meeting list palpability, had the effect of clew at least. Return those who have the 15th to hand over formalities, in this bit special mentioned development business to must not regard the condition that have sex as the person that buy carry out, appear now a few more questions are owner does not hand in duty to expend, development business does not make a room, this solve this problem to have a very definite agreement to owner, make text go up from the government for, it is useful to common people. The 16th, a few agreements such as the quality of commodity house also have very great progress than before, more detailed. From the angle of the sources of energy, the 18th provided the measure with energy-saving residence, there was a house in the past, the water in be being done not have possibly, such if provided the measure with energy-saving residence, for instance about in the regulation of water, to us shortage of national energy resources also has the idea of a few good settlement. The 20th, provided old property right for the first time, be property right is initiative register, should saying is a great progress. Still have the agreement of mutual right, in the treaty wording in the past, roofing access and outside who does metope access put in 's charge after all, blank, the agreement also is multifarious, the person that buy carry out does not have an agreement, there was specific provision now. Still have the problem of capital of the 23rd special maintenance, the past should pay maintenance fund, do not hand in do not give a room, this had specific provision now also is a progress.   
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