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Buy room contract lawyer newly one by one analytic: Contract autograph notes wha
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     but in light of the view that concerns a section from what make treaty wording, past quadruplication, now is you it how much print is OK to how much print, make sure the person that buy a house has original, this is a great progress.  
     still has the plan of the building, this treaty wording was listed, the building is in the position in whole Lou Yu, more detailed than wanting before, after all where is the position, produce a few misunderstanding sometimes. Still have attachment the 3 problems that mentioned building guaranty, 6 traditional Chinese clothes act the role of building accessory the standard has very great progress than the contract previously, agree very in detail.  

     ■ the design of partial clause remains to perfect  

     Qin Bing: New contract is on the design of certain clause, the rights and interests that also buys room person to protection has adverse place. For instance the 16th the 2nd, respecting to building quality problem 3 kinds of circumstances, include structure of foundation foundation, main body and empty temperament to measure a problem to be able to return a house. Actually building quality problem arrives badly can affect the situation that lives normally a lot of, after buying a house when you, besides foundation foundation, main body structure, the building is slack, adiabatic, heat preservation, interstitial, tilt, sound insulation, sky beats such issue, serious effect lives to bring about contract of exercise of the person that buy a house likely to remove authority. According to current judicatory practice, once signed this contract, 7 problems from the back appear, development chamber of commerce stresses the agreement in the contract on the court, can be foundation foundation and issue of main body construction return a house only. The judge can value a contract commonly, collect a letter to develop the version of business. Such, the person that buy a house removes the right of the contract reduced 60%~70 % , get greatly block up.  

     next, after signing this clause, how does the person that buy a house detect? With one the tower of 20 thousand square metre is 20 tall, floor area exemple, owner bought such house, if detect main body structure is unqualified, according to construction standard, must use the main body structure of whole floor sample, the means such as burrow will examine, the 3~5 that this price is cost of one flatlet house times, the 5~10 that foundation detects is house price cost times, say the which person that buy a house is willing to use such means to undertake detecting to main body structure so?  

     is additional, the contract has about public facilities break a contact, must not cumulative. This is to show break fairness, why the penalty due to breach of contract of a break a contact and multinomial break a contact is same, this slighter to break a contact development business is inequitable, proposal " must not cumulative " this word is expunged, such ability are helpful for award actor punishing bad, the development business that encourages a standard protects benefit of the human rights that buy a house.  
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