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When buying a house how to judge humanitarian environment
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     can differentiate humanitarian environment roughly to wait for 4 respects for educational study, recreation, security of society and neighborhood quality.   

     almost the educational level with all circumjacent to property person that buy a house pays close attention to very much, especially nursery school arrives junior high school this one phase. In recent years elementary school cancels exam of enter a higher school, instead computer is sent, the person that buy a house is more pressing to the demand of high level school. For this, already had development business build oneself, a magic weapon that the high quality school that couplet builds regards stimulative sale as.     

     not only the child has educational problem, him person that buy a house also has the demand of continuous study. Whether does property periphery own the library, groom also the person that buy a house should grant to notice the establishment such as school of center, attend in a advanced studies. Speak of education and study, have to mention the idea that learns an area, alleged learning an area is to point to the school (especially university) the area with higher level of education of bristly, culture, be in Beijing the college division that the famousest is northwest ministry, reach academic road along the line with periphery of Beijing University Tsinghua especially most typical. Of concept learning an area introduce contained educational culture level not only this one element, the integrated level of each respect such as quality of the population quality that still means this section, environment, security of society can be compared satisfactory.   

The      evaluation to establishment of property periphery recreation is OK from meal, recreation (hall of theater, cinema, song, bar, pleasure ground) , fitness (swim field of training of pool, field, bowling house, golf) tripartite face undertakes, should abide by the following two principles: It is inside and outside has not; 2 it is make the best use of everything. Alleged inside and outside has is not to show secondary of recreation establishment archives is complete, can satisfy domestic recreational need already, can creditable recieve close friend hand and foot; Alleged make the best use of everything is to show these establishment want can suit with the consumption level of oneself of the person that buy a house and disposition hobby photograph, the life that can be you truly adds pleasure.   

     security of society is a concept that makes clear very hard, because this is an idea that has relativity extremely.   

     should say Beijing serves as a capital, public security is good on the whole. If want fractionize again, can think roughly from north arrives on the west, east, south public security level has a bit drop: Western (especially northwest ministry) government organization, universities and colleges is bristly, public security state is best; Prosperity of economy of upper, the eastpart part, trade developeds, high-grade public place of entertainment is numerous, hard to avoid has a few the seamy side to exist; As to southern area because development is opposite slower, ab extra population is more, security of society may be affected on certain level. Of course, this just is described roughly, specific the public security state to community, the security personnel measure in managing with property is direct and relevant.
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