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The person that buy a house " the autograph on the net is made an appointment wi
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   3 month 15 days, house of this city commodity opens to booking information fair show and the autograph on the net makes an appointment with a system to be started formally. This day rises, the person that buy a house can inquire intent building from the net not only dish can make work unit, trade the price, door model the fundamental condition such as the area, and when buying, must take the kind that the autograph on the net restricts, download the treaty wording that print. And the person that had signed those who open to booking bond of commodity house business to buy a house with development company before March 15, should build to Beijing before April 15 appoint place of building buying operation is dealt with afresh put on record formalities.  

     is signed as a result of the past is about " in black and white " , change to undertake to the net nowadays, some buy room person temporarily not quite suit, hot line of space of our newspaper floor receives reader incoming telegram to seek advice in succession, introduce particular operation matters concerned as follows now.  

  of      main flow

    1, the network is built in Beijing (Www.bjjs.gov.cn) or net of Beijing estate buying operation (Www.bjfdc.gov.cn) on " open to booking fair show a column " what inquiry picks building information, its are test and verify can make work room source;  

What the     2, person that buy a house buys a building to concern a situation to sale spot understanding, negotiate, affirm contract photograph inside Shanghaiguan is allowed;  

Book of commodity house subscribe is signed on     3, net (also can enter directly next) ;  

Commodity house is signed to open to booking a contract on     4, net, setting of the person that buy a house inquires a password;  

What the inquiry on know of short message of the     5, person that buy a house or net buys a building to open to booking the circumstance that register.  

Sign subscribe book  

The pertinent clause that the building that company of development of     1, estate and subscribe person can open to booking negotiates book of subscribe of protocol commodity house;  

After party of both sides of     2, classics affirms, through running a system online fill in the content of book of commodity house subscribe, after be being referred on the net, the system makes subscribe book number automatically;  

    3, estate develops an enterprise to print book of commodity house subscribe from the net, at the same time online put on record, this unit indicates when managing a system to reach (set) commodity house already was booked.  


After putting on record on net of      subscribe book, when signing commodity house to open to booking a contract, contract main body does not get optional change. The vendee that signs a contract turns into subscribe person, in its inside same census register or it is the clear already other personnel when booking, do not regard contract main body as change.  
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