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Turn what does the need when mortgaging notice?
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Expert: The person that   buys a house is being dealt with " turn mortgage " when, because mortgage the commodity house that loan buys to had provided sectional set mortgage in the room, when should happening 2 times to make over so, need to ask for those who get hypothec person bank to agree above all; Next, finishing the 2nd times after trading, the bank extends existence time is wrong between loan and change the name of owner in a register of building property right, the bank is being dealt with turn particular risk exists in mortgaged process.
Additional, housing of borrower application individual " add mortgage " when loan, the time of individual housing loan that this borrower handles in industrial and commercial bank should exceed 1 year, and the income source that has stability, can repay on schedule loan principal and interest. Pawn must is show a house, and borrower should have lawful, complete property right to guaranty house property. In addition, if original loan has successive two (contain) record of above break a contact, so this loan   

Person general cannot apply for to add again mortgage loan. Additional, the individual housing that borrower can obtain is added mortgage loan specified amount to spend add the sum of original loan remaining sum, cannot exceed 70% what former housing purchases amount or assess value, business does not exceed 50% with the room. The article that printBrowse: 20185 second