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Students renting guide: rent bargain thirteen strokes
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1, do not show a favorable impression of the house; 2, Chinese and other divisions of the landlord has rented the house and ready to pay a deposit; 3, Chinese and other divisions of the house and the landlord has paid a deposit, but also like this house, does he not have been a bit cheaper to pay compensation can not withdraw the deposit; 4, the shortcomings of non-stop looking for an apartment to ask for; 5, to the grounds of insufficient equipment, demand for lower prices, or true; 6, to announce he is very satisfied, but the family has other ideas, I hope the problem can be solved cheaper; or showing a strong desire to rent, forcing the other prices; 7, with cash, said that once a deposit or as long as the contract price was right; 8, it does not talk down, left leg, so that the lessor worried about losing your prospective tenant; 9, with the other to compare the price of the house, requiring further reduction; 10, to announce the limited capacity who can not afford to require a bit cheaper again, not to their economic capacity as a reason; 11, became good friends with the landlord; enjoy the fight to get the best price; 12, to see many different houses, diversion Discovery cheaper prices; 13, the landlord can rent out the house want to hurry up. If your time is not urgent, delay the time for negotiations, Manman Mo.