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Hire room guide: Look for intermediary to hire a room to remember 5 a little bit
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The colleague of unit former days does not provide room because of new job unit, must be in room of this land rent, he finds orgnaization of house property intermediary, took a fancy to an among them unit, agree every months of hire is 300 yuan. Because work in the same place the 2nd day to want to be away on official business, decide difference to come back to sign a contract again about, press the demand of intermediary, staff go ahead of the rest was handed in by gold 300 yuan reach cash pledge 600 yuan, intermediary was opened write the receipt that “ at present receives the such-and-such information that rent a house to expend model of written characters of 900 yuan of ” . Reorder works because of new unit after, the staff is grown to be stationed in an other place to work by arrangement, need not rent a house. The colleague is away on official business what do not hire room item and demand return to already was handed in is inform to press gold and cash pledge to intermediary after coming back, but what intermediary orgnaization closes with place is information cost, and the service that provides the information that rent a house has been fulfilled end for, do not be willing any fee that go back already collected. Work in the same place to also can want finally to answer 150 yuan only after bargaining for many times.

Intermediary hires a room to want to remember well at 5 o'clock

According to exemple of book this matter, the author reminds the person that everybody rents a house definitely, negotiate to house property intermediary should notice when the item that rent a house and accomplish as far as possible:

One, the make irresponsible remarks of not credulous intermediary, must inspect building environment; on the spot

2, should choose lawful, credit spends tall building intermediary orgnaization, check carefully seriously its whether certificate is all ready reach whether to have corresponding aptitude;

3, the article that should research contract model seriously, right of both sides seeing Qing Dynasty and obligation are quits, whether is responsibility of breach of contract made clear fairly etc, to the verbal commitment of intermediary orgnaization, should ask its are written change and sign affirm;

4, the attention collects fees the content description of bill, should be being made clear according to the facts is ” of “ cash pledge, “ hire ” , and should not be ” of cost of what “ information, “ the other sundry charges of and so on of ” of ” of cost seeing a room, cost of “ sincere letter, answer appropriate keeps all sorts of book type data are mixed collect fees bill;

5, if both sides has conventional deposit, the attention does not write a mistake to be “ subscription ” , both legal meaning is completely different, deposit has specific legal meaning, those who give the one party that pays deposit beak a contract, cannot want to return deposit, and of the one party beak a contract that receives deposit, need times doubler return deposit.
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