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Rental building is destroyed to need loss of repair empty place to must be paid
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Problem incident

Home Laosun has an unused two bedrooms to entrust intermediary company to rent for you, boy of a few other places hired two years. Can be in of lease at the expiration of one's term of office before a week, laosun receives rental room the phone of the neighbour there, say to the evening before last a few people rush into his home, give those a few boys that rent his home house hit, and window and door also are broken bad.

Put down a phone, laosun calls the person of intermediary place of work of straight rush out of, look into house, had been one ins disorder in house as expected, furniture, electric equipment is bungled to rot completely almost. The clerk of intermediary dials the telephone of the person that rent a house again, also all is in close plane position.

When Laosun and intermediary bargaining, loss of the belongings in asking intermediary compensates for the home and repair building, and the building that the day that actual reassign house reachs after wanting to pay a contract to expire stops uses fee. To this, it is OK that intermediary insists to compensate for belongings loss, long room, but during building a house, the building cannot rent, intermediary does not have income, because this paragraph of time should not pay a house again,use fee.

Law eye error correction

The building during intermediary rejects to pay a building repair makes expense is incorrect.

According to the regulation of contract law, rent period when at the expiration of one's term of office, tenant ought to be returned still rent content, return the returned content that rent to ought to accord with the condition after be being used according to the property that agree or rents content. Accordingly, after the contract that rent expires, intermediary should entrust Laosun his for you hack two bedrooms in perfect condition reassign Laosun, if do not do this, intermediary makes break a promise namely. So, although intermediary cannot defeat “ room ” to rent during this, also want to bear the pecuniary loss that causes to Laosun accordingly. That is to say, the empty buy loss during building a house is drawn out by intermediary.

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