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Landlord goes up again today hire! How should the busy season that rent rise to
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In source of the room that rent relatively in short supply period chooses to close hire also can yet be regarded as a kind of expedient plan, especially to the undergraduate that is about to graduate, live independently from opening school, renting a house is the largest expenses that they are faced with, close with the classmate hire can help them managing very much capital. In the meantime, the choice is long hire also can win corresponding hire privilege, the stability that and can assure lives. Suffer the drawing near of the Olympic Games and the impendent effect of the graduate height that rent, beijing is rented measure and clinch a deal the price warms up quickly. Come from “ my love data of research center of market of my home ” shows, beijing rented price index integratedly to rise compared to the same period March 21.97% , annulus comparing grows 5.77% , among them index of the average price that rent adds panel height to amount to compared to the same period 16.90% . Be aimed at the busy season that rent, hire considerably below bullish posture, common how does the person that rent a house choose a room, rent a house, I love “ my home ” is raised action, know the client rents a house opportunely.

1, escape heat area, choice radiate area rents a house

When the busy season that rent comes, hire always is around move area of a few big heat rises stage by stage, the ZhongGuanCun that is like assemble high-tech talent (000931 prices, ) , white-collar and classics trade public figure collect area CBD, Olympic Games main place periphery and the large community that if visit the form a complete set such as Beijing,perfect, the hire of these area often rises rate is rapidder, range is bigger. So, as common for the person that rent, choose the room source inside these area radiation limits to be stabilized relatively, these area hire reduce 500-800 than core area yuan / month, can enjoy business to encircle cent to be the perfect form a complete set inside.

Like —— of CBD radiate area double well, the region visits greatly on the west, does hire price reside 1600-2800 yuan / month? Cover, 2 house 2800-3500 yuan / month? Cover, 3 house 3500 yuan / month? Cover above. Street of 10 thousand willow of —— of ZhongGuanCun radiate area, Suzhou, does hire price reside 1500-2300 yuan / month? Cover, 2 house 2400-3000 yuan / month? Cover, 3 house 3000 yuan / month? Cover above.

2, south town house source is abundant, 5 lines safeguard gives the subway travel is smooth

Suffer effect of Olympic Games place, upper hire is opposite taller. Under photograph comparing, south town house source is more adequate, hire goes up inferior. Like the subway Yu of the station of Home Liu kiln of 5 lines, Pu Huang stands circumjacent room source. Does at present hire price reside 1300-1800 yuan / month? Cover, 2 house 2000-2700 yuan / month? Cover, 3 house 2700 yuan / month? Cover above. The subway 5 lines and subway 1, what the smooth change of 2 lines assured a travel is convenient.
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