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The room that hangs on intermediary net is very pretty good paid money not to se
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The Xiaochen that after the university graduates, just had a job, in the course that seeks rental room everywhere, saw the information that an intermediary releases, xiaochen is very satisfactory to this flatlet. What “ did not think of is, intermediary takes the root in the room that I see to do not have this one originally later. The house did not search, still be faced with loss representative to serve the state of cost, how should do now? ” a few days ago, the small Chen Xiang of can find no way out 85051890 appeal.

Get online looked for a room to look for intermediary

On April 26, xiaochen sees information of a when intermediary releases rental room on the net, the structure is one room one hutch protects one office, area 38 square metre, be located in Na Xiaobu village, the month is hired it is 650 yuan. I see “ the price is more substantial, dialed the telephone number that intermediary company keeps instantly, enquire this flatlet has lease. The other side says the house still is in, if want to look, need signs a contract with them first. ”

On April 27 afternoon, xiaochen comes to the first branch of this intermediary company. After both sides signs a contract, xiaochen paid 300 yuan of representatives service fee (act as agent among them expend 200 yuan, the service expends 100 yuan) . Subsequently, this company staff member was taking Xiaochen to see a few rooms.

Think that flatlet that look did not see finally

Before “ autograph is made an appointment with, the one room that I offer to want to see that Na Xiaobu that hangs on the net the house of one hall, the month hires those who be 650 yuan. Result, the first when they take me to look is farmer room, range estimation is less than 30 square metre, be located in first floor, without the window, toilet is opposite corridor, also do not have hall, the price is 650 yuan. The 2nd also is the farmer room that is the same as a type, condition a little a bit better, make a price 1000 multivariate. Saw a few rooms again later, either the price is too high, it is the condition is very poor. Saw so much room, do not have me to be covered then in what take a fancy to on the net namely. ”

Rushed about afternoon, final small Chen Ye did not find the room that makes his satisfactory.

Agree in “ contract, entrust acting deadline to be 10 days, after the representative expires, if I do not have the room that finds satisfaction, return half representative fee only, service fee is not retreated. Passed several days now, they also did not recommend too other house to me again later. If they cannot offer the house that boards to cover corresponding requirement then with the net to give me, hope can sum returns charge. ”

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