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Hire a room to want discretion: Male landlord is installed unexpectedly photogra
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Clean a room discovery is doubtful photograph like the head

Fan Mou this year 48 years old, live in with the wife on the west the city zone a of some alley alone inside the courtyard. His Cengyin was raped 1994, harm and be sentenced put in prison 7 years, after be released from prison, rely on to the person to work all the time make a living.

On June 3, 2006, inside the alley that is called Shen Mou's girl to be in Home Fan Mou everywhere paste small advertisement, hope can herein rents an one-storey house. Fan Mou immediately and she acquired connection, rented the one-storey house of a inside oneself small courtyard 9 square metre Shen Mou with every months of 460 yuan price.

In a subsequently the middle of a month, shen Mou often lives here with elder sister and male friend.

On July 2 afternoon, shen Mou discovers inadvertently when cleaning a room, set in top right corner of house doorcase inside have a plastic foam, board camouflage is used all round, look very doubtful. After coming down bubble dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, shen Mou has a pinhole to photograph actually inside surprisingly discovery like the head, and the TV in photographing the jumper that resembles a head to connecting house of landlord Fan Mou all the time.

House-owner professes how to be photographed resembling a head is for monitoring rent a house

Open-eyed, indignant Shen Mou was dialed 110 call the police. Policeman yesterday before dawn at 2 o'clock, the Fan Mou that fishing by the side of the river subpoena arrives Chang'an Street police station undertakes on the west interrogatory. Fan Mou denies by every means at first, refus does not admit he has peeped Shen Mou's privacy, but before a large number of testimony that issue in the policeman, he must admit finally to ever used the TV in house twice early or late, change clothes to Shen Mou the illegal behavior that waits for life privacy to undertake peeping.

Occupy Fan Mou to explain, at the beginning of this year May, he is in north on the small vendor's stand of 4 annulus roadside, bought with 120 yuan price a pinhole is photographed reach jumper like the head, it is its installation in oneself courtyard, he professes is for the behavior of the person that monitoring rents a house at first.

House-owner: This plants redo after “ thing, I am sorry my daughter-in-law! ”

In Fan Mou guide below, dusk reporter came in his home yesterday. Fan Mou issues tear down in the policeman's assistance join the video jumper between a few house, “ is the ignorance because of oneself and curiosity, the life that I give oneself and Miss Shen, home person brought very big impact, I regret extremely, also do not do this kind of humiliating thing again later, I am sorry otherwise my daughter-in-law! Visit comes before ” is faced his wife, fan Mou is low first.

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