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Pay close attention to an Olympic Games: Time a month feels Olympic Games securi
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On July 7 in the morning, celestial shade is drizzly. Beijing east straight door subway stands as before stream of people is like shuttle.

Tourist of an other place is carrying huge handbag to prepare pull in, ringing sound waves border of pleasant to hear: Mr “ , accept please install check! Tourist of ” other place is stupefied, ask: “ why? ”

“ the safety for you, for everybody's safety, more the safety for Beijing Olympic Games! ” wears the female Yuan Binbin installing check that white subdues to answer civilizedly. Nonlocal tourist laughs feel sorrily, move toward X smooth An Jianyi.

Install check this petty program, with respect to ” of such as restful as “ Olympic Games baronial concept hanged a hook.

The reporter learns, since June 29, beijing subway 93 stations nod 5 lines to begin formally to install check, 3100 member that install check and nearly 1500 polices bear the heavy responsibility that has subway security.

All everything, it is to hold a safe Olympic Games effort. When Beijing Olympic Games pours the 30th day of timing advent, concerned branch chief discloses, “ of security of Beijing Olympic Games builds up date ” blow: What comprise by 100 thousand person is special fear a team entering actual combat instead. In addition, still volunteer of 400 thousand city and volunteer of 1 million society provide support to fear army instead.

Experience the commitment of ” of Chinese “ restful Olympic Games, be not only then now, can say, from Beijing application success rose that day, china is realizing ” of “ restful Olympic Games in one pace ground the acceptance of this pair of worlds. Just, as the drawing near of the Olympic Games, your person is experienced more deep.

Of different common fear manoeuvre instead

“ phut! ” levels the land Jing thunder!

Beach of park of Beijing rising sun discharges field, a minibus produces explosion in entry point. Two cars on fire, acuteness smother rise high into the air and case, there is pungent peculiar smell in air, the symptom such as spot personnel occurrence dizziness, disgusting, cough.

“ terrorist launchs chemical assault! ” Olympic Games turns over horrible headquarters to pull loud gules alarm.

After 3 minutes, covey face wears the armed police of guaze mask to come, seal lock stadium quickly, develop bleachers at the same time scattered audience. Armed police hand raises red, green dichromatic flag, guide hand of more than 400 audience to cover towel against the wind withdraws stadium.

Inside 20 minutes, ambulance, fire engine, public security prevents cruel car, special alarm all teams such as army drive the spot to bit more frequently platoon danger fully from the Olympic Games: Firemen people fully armed, wear prevent change take, the hand takes squirt, reach water of gush of on fire car ceaselessly to smother; Emergency treatment personnel cleanses the body to the wounded, lead the wounded to enter the tent that builds temporarily to have treatment.
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