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Olympic Games near " short rent a house " exceptionally sober why?
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Intermediary company does not value “ Olympic Games room of collect of the short ” that rent a house waits for buy to look like ” of “ extremely arrogant

The Olympic Games comes, of the like a raging fire that is fried before short hire the market, present position giving what again now? The reporter visited company of much home intermediary yesterday, discover Shenyang Olympic Games is short hire the market not only did not achieve expect the result, behave unusually coolly instead.

Shenyang is cool Olympic Games weak point hires the market

Closer and closer from the Olympic Games, originally the Olympic Games weak point with should fervent expect hires the market, what appear unusual however right now is sober. Interview in the reporter in, partial intermediary company shows, if undertake during the Olympic Games short-term rent, must want to ask for those who get house-owner to agree first, and price also can break up times elevatory.

The staff member of an intermediary company near 2 classics street tells a reporter, since occurrence “ Olympic Games the short ” that rent a house this market, only few number person has sought advice, the house-owner of house of a lot of obligate, see this market is stagnant, also take out the house gradually will do normal rent.

Mr Li represents consumer, numerous now economic hotel price is very reasonable, and the service is considerate, safe problem has safeguard, with its arduous ground is searched short rent a house, come expediently as simple occupy guesthouse.

Owner is short hire leave a room not be to one's profit

Very much recently house-owner can earn greatly to be during the Olympic Games, shift to an earlier date oneself house two months to leave clean to become, during awaiting the Olympic Games, rent. But whether can this kind of practice bring profit, the reporter calculated brushstroke Zhang:

A two bedrooms 70 smooth houses, be in common the hire of a month is 800 yuan, during the Olympic Games lasted 16 days to 23 days on August 8, the tourist that the other place comes to lives to calculate by 10 days, suppose everyday hire 200 yuan, 10 days are 2000 yuan. But 6, July is to be become for nothing, press regular before income 6, 7, August 3 months should be =2400 of month of 800 yuan of ×3 yuan, such looking, the house undertakes short-term rent still can illuminate rent normally reduce 400 yuan, if house-owner is in during join the job is done badly, probable meeting brings very big loss.

Intermediary company is not valued short rent a house

Shenyang 21 centuries are praedial glide joins in Mr Li of inn says, the “ Olympic Games of Shenyang is short business of the ” that rent a house is not very good all the time, company of a lot of intermediary has done not have “ Olympic Games even the room source of the short ” that rent a house, the “ Olympic Games of previous Shenyang is short the market that the ” that rent a house just is fried to heat up, in the real market that rent, value did not get reflecting.
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