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Build cheap to hire chummage hire to manage a system to perfect cheap to hire a
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In National People's Congress of 11 whole nations on conference, premier Wen Jiabao mentions “ to want perfect cheap to hire housing system in governmental working report again, accelerate cheap to hire housing construction, increase ” of room source supply. This is the working report that the construction that rent a house writes a cheap into the government the 2nd. In countrywide cheap the system that rent a house is carried out in nearly 10 years, numerous low income person round housing dream.

However, according to investigation of the closest author, cheap hires the current situation that housing system carries out not to make a person hopeful, exit a mechanism especially diseased, appeared not only the phenomenon that cheap of many “ relet ” rent a house, still have what rent cheap the property right house that housing regards him as even. If the author was those who prepare standing committee of city National People's Congress to discuss a speech about the topic for discussion a few days ago, the member that comprise a person with standing committee of National People's Congress early or late and the capacity that National People's Congress represents attend this locality cheap twice to hire housing to plan working investigation, ask ask technically a few objects that enjoy cheap to hire housing to guarantee a system, having a few among them enjoy objective to deserve to hire. In chat, a grandpa of many years old 60 says gladly to the author: The cheap of this 50 square metre that “ governmental allocation stays in to me hires foundations what to to hand in to expend originally, cost also need not make even property. This thanked government of the Communist Party, acknowledgment really! This house I died descendants still can live! Be too good really! ”

This shows, cheap hires a room to exit a mechanism to be not perfected, already became the one big bottleneck that advances cheap to hire house system really.

It is reported, from 1998 up to now, the whole nation has 950 thousand dweller to hired housing system to improve living condition through cheap. But the person that removes because of income increases or the condition nots agree with and be being vacated is very few however. Exit a mechanism to be not perfected, housing safeguard is an a bottomless pit, on one hand governmental burden is heavier and heavier, the person that ought not to enjoy on one hand enjoyed social natural resources inconsequently.

The person that lets do not accord with a condition exits cheap to hire housing, be in hard hard low income person income change is monitored hard, the bank forbids to make inquiry individual account, social income is recessive change, although bottom, let him be hired from cheap it is not easy also to be moved in housing.

How to do? The way with a few the most effective places hires cheap namely housing is built as far as possible a few further, a few palletter, once the object that makes enjoy cheap to hire housing to guarantee a system has idea, do not be willing to hire a room to live in the cheap of inconvenience of the life, traffic, next again complementary counter-purchase with the government. Can reduce construction cost on one hand so, hire cheap housing is built a few more morely, on the other hand, also be helpful for cheap hiring the have enough to meet need of housing.
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