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The relet that rent a house earns price difference Chongqing to be rented now do
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After the building that leases next others, rent door again its building relet at other, earn price difference fee from which, the landlord plum lady that the thing lies between a year of ability to tell the truth is very depressed: “ is rented door should keep promise, cannot be ignorant of is worn conscience handles affairs. ”

6 days of evening 10 when much, ms. Li of the area in living in change to area of 9 dragon slope Yang Jiaping handles affairs. Think of him hack building is gotten on for period, ms. Li decides to search hire a job that talks about relet. Subsequently, the highway of straight harbor of another abode —— that Ms. Li comes to to oneself date of 5—2 of 198 8 2 units, a young and beautiful girl opened the door for Ms. Li: “ landlord is obviously male, how to become again female? The word of ” girl, let Ms. Li water of a mist: “ I rent the house obviously a middleaged man, how to become a girl? Ms. ” Ms. Li is dialed instantly bear the Mr Zhang telephone that leases a building.

Original, a year ago, ms. Li rents this building from the country Lai Yu works, Mr Zhang of 52 years old. Think of Mr Zhang goes out outer and not easy, ms. Li two rooms the building of one hall rents him one year with every months of 500 yuan price. Because live in the area in change, the job is busy, come one year, ms. Li was not examined to this building again, pass phone and Mr Zhang connection only. Cannot think of, meantime, mr Zhang gives another person with every months of 700 yuan price relet again. If “ is not to handle affairs today, I am returned all the time be kept inside a drum-be kept in the dark. Ms. ” Ms. Li says.

Know relet be related by debunk, feel Mr Zhang of be in the wrong makes an apology to Ms. Li on the spot, returned Ms. Li 2400 yuan of money.