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Price falls hire valence to go up many secondhand the room brews " carry out cha
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The near future, secondhand house price falls sadly, the person that majority buys a house still manages money wait-and-see. The reporter investigates discovery, because clinch a deal,cycle spins, secondhand the room clinchs a deal the quantity is dejected all the time, many house property are in provincial capital what group of traffic advantage, trade matures is secondhand room owner does not wish to depreciate sale, the house property that begins consideration him general by sell instead is rented, shorten line investment is long term investment, in order to increase profit.

Provincial capital citizen Mr Liu was in his house property to entrust provincial capital April intermediary of a house property is sold for you, because house property market is small,confuse, fail all the time work off. The gentleman that occupy Liu is told, although many owner choose to depreciate now,sell, but better in the position as a result of oneself house property place, building condition is not poor also, so he rejected what intermediary puts forward to depreciate the proposal of the sale, consider instead to rent however, every month collects brushstroke rent, can yet be regarded as increases the tweak of income.

In 21 centuries inn of road of garden of intermediary of praedial house property, the reporter sees, will seek advice from those who buy a house not much, chief tells a reporter, secondhand the room trades quantity near future all the time not tall, clinched a deal only June 56, this month has not sold an one flatlet child, so in their hand secondhand room room source did not change almost. The demand that rents a house wants to be gotten high under photograph comparing much, can receive 78 advisory telephone calls at least everyday. Chief tells a reporter, carry out of “ of every month below normal before circumstance changes the owner that leases ” to be able to have 9, the near future hits a phone to seek advice from “ carry out to change the owner that leases ” gradually much rise.

The reporter understands from intermediary of house property of Jinan town much home again, at present till, truly a few owner change the condition that hires ” to carry out of their advisory “ , the near future in their hand secondhand room source is adequate, buyer is to ask to be not bought only mostly, many owner are eager to wanting to increase income, then connection intermediary sells its house rental ” of ” instead “ from “ . Nevertheless, many controller express, requirement “ carry out changes the house property that leases ” to be occupied only secondhand the one fraction of room room source, of Jinan secondhand room “ carry out changes hire ” to had not formed climate, prospect of house property market is at present ambiguous, the faith selling a house of a few owner is stern, once have likely customer, can capture an opportunity to move at an early date.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, because many house property build time earlier and door model lesser, cannot satisfy the requirement of a few person that buy a house, buyer is found very hard inside short time. And among them the area that many house property develop at traffic advantage, commerce or periphery, the person that rent a house is very much. Enter especially June, graduate grow in quantity, hire stability rises, to estate of firewood of average worker worker, as empty as its house property buy or depreciate sale, be inferior to renting get stable and considerable hire income.
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