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"Graduation effect " shows might student to rent the market to go warm continuou
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Different and secondhand the dispirited posture of house business market, shanghai is secondhand the mart that rent still keeps due clinch a deal quantity, the market goes warm continuously, together with comes as student summer vacation, of many school all around rent increasingly prosperous also. Press market rule, the last ten-day of a month in this month begins is graduation of many student gens and the time that put summer vacation paragraph, have many is in school undergraduate uses the part-work and part-study system between heat holiday, meeting choice rents a house around the school, at the same time because at present college dormitory summer vacation time does not keep a person mostly, partial graduate student's quiet to search, easy living environment, also can choose to shift to an earlier date leave school rents a house in outside school, these characteristics decided those who be in school periphery and office building to collect an area to rent clinch a deal the quantity increases apparently, ” of “ graduation effect is shown from this.

Shanghai Central Plains studies Ma Ji of advisory department manager expresses, rent a settle or live in a strange place before when choosing a building, consider establishment of circumjacent form a complete set, pay close attention to the respect such as bank, market more, but attention drop of the student gets lost convenience inn, bazaar and hall of snack bar snack 24 hours to wait. On one hand a lot of functions of traditional establishment had been replaced by Internet place, on the other hand, what summer vacation time rents a house is low age fashionable crowd more the fast rhythm that the tendency lives and convenient quality. And more important depended on, live at present of rhythm accelerate, the student that makes the traffic of benefit of when it's convenient is hiring room gens looks particularly important, the arrival that can nod definitely quickly downtown, it is not little one of requirements of student a group of things with common features to renting a house, accordingly the room source of all around of along the line of a few subways pays close attention to.

Yang Pu Central Plains board piece

Central Plains board piece the traditional residence that regards Yang Pu as the area board piece in light of, development already was perfected nearly, and as orbit traffic the affiliation of 8 lines, it is with might doubled more, two stations are in the city smooth district of 8 lines and tender river road Central Plains board piece inside, at the same time 8 lines have people square this one change stands greatly, let many students see this one advantage is in. As a result of assemble of school of name of Yang Pu area, as June the arrival of graduation period, a batch of undergraduates and graduate student leave campus to search rent house, the tide that rent a house subsequently and come. Stem from element of the area self-identity of first impressions are strongest, economy and classmate feelings, the this year's graduates is met more alone or a few people are being read together the room is hired to live near the school, cheap in college periphery is brought about on certain level source of the room that rent appears the phenomenon that demand exceeds supply.
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