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Qingdao Olympic Games is short hire a room to clinch a deal measure on the high
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As the arrival that Ao Fan surpasses, the leap of the short-term demand that rent a house near base of Qingdao Ao Fan. The reporter understands from intermediary of much home house property, although intermediary company looked at opportunity of accurate Olympic Games to roll out the Olympic Games weak point of 3 months lease to rent a house, but because landlord ask a price is too high, perhaps do not wish short hire wait for a reason, cause an Olympic Games the short not enough to satify everyone that rent a house, clinch a deal the volume is not high.

The as it happens after a lot of landlord of “ worry about 3 months is caught up with handed in central heating to expend level October, if arrive when bad and rental, should central heating cost want to hand in? Miss Liu of company of intermediary of house property of Pacific Ocean of ” Qingdao city tells a reporter, there is 3 months Olympic Games now the client of the short demand that rent a house is very much, but room source is very nervous however, reason besides landlord ask a price outside too tall unmanned make inquires, the house after still many landlord are afraid of 3 months is hired temporarily do not go out, bad to be handed in certainly do not pay central heating fee. “ the chummage of these 3 months every months can than usual many money, but if be hired to October,do not go out to also be met loss many money. ” parvenu an owner of the village says.

According to be located in Wang Jiamai of the company of estate of Qingdao rich source near the island thank lady introduction, current, the demand that Olympic Games weak point hires a room to reach 3 rooms with the flatlet of two rooms is top, price is average a month is in 4000 yuan of above, a month is in some flatlet ask a price that see the sea 779 yuan, some returning on 10 thousand, this than usual tower above of every months of at least goes to 2000 yuan 1000 yuan. Ask a price of a lot of houses exceeded the actual desire of partial client too high, many foreign visitors choose to serve better hotel hotel, but these money that also a lot of landlord do not care more than every months to come out, think short-term lodger is very miscellaneous, cause easily to the building damage, refuse so short hire.

The reporter understands, although before the Olympic Games weak point that company of house property of intermediary of much home of sea a gleam of rolled out 3 months rents a house, but clinch a deal the quantity nots allow hopeful, rent the major servicing that remains intermediary for a long time, additional, major client hires 339 yuan room source in the month centrally, on the high side of ask a price of a few landlord brings about client “ to flinch ” .