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Beijing land trims reserve central head pushs policy sex to rent a room to use t
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On July 3, beijing land arranges reserve center to roll out two to deserve to build policy sex to hire room lot first, be located in respectively before arranging justice area to stand street and sunny area establish water bridge on the west. Former for lot of room of one price fixing, deserve to build policy sex to rent a house 20 thousand square metre; Latter is lot of one commodity house, deserve to build policy sex to rent a house 30 thousand square metre.

This is Beijing since putting forward to explore policy sex to rent a room to ensure means first year after year today oneself, the materiality that strides one pace. According to the book of invite public bidding of these two plot, the policy sex that deserves to build rents a room to be in control less than of 90 square metre, give priority to with one house, two house. Mix as to the object that rent the price that rent, beijing still will make policy of relevant form a complete set carry out.

Policy sex rents a house, it is a kind in order to offer the housing policy of short-term building access. The distinction that it and cheap rent a house depends on ” of “ policy sex and “ guaranteeing the different fixed position of sexual ” . Be located in housing of ” of “ policy sex surely, also mean source of this kinds of room to there is larger stretch space in respect of construction means and financing source, in alleviate while the government ensures a room to build capital pressure, also can enclothe a face to fill patchy leakage for housing safeguard, if be aimed at the housing difficulty crowd of census register of blame this locality technically,wait for ” of layer of “ with filling.

Beijing is built appoint relevant controller expresses, what the policy sex room that rent faces is to be able to not afford economy applicable room does not apply for to go up again the ” of layer of “ with filling that cheap rents a house, did not consider inside temporarily to be not crowd of this locality census register. But the ” of “ a survivor of a murder attempt that is crowd of ” of “ green card to stay on management of price fixing room in view of the Beijing before this, the census register breakthrough that the personage inside course of study forecasts housing to ensure rents the implementation on the room more possibly in policy sex.