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Hardworking and thrifty small endowment see " "08 of moon a group of things with
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I basically am a " moon before 2007 a group of things with common features " , the maddest spending level should belong to 2005 mix two years 2006:

2005: Year expense 67000 yuan, the month pays expenses 5580 yuan;

2006: Year expense 54000 yuan, the month pays expenses 4500 yuan;

Till 2007, I from the friend there won " electron keep account this " , the statistic of running water account before me two years, do not calculate do not know, calculate frighten jump, oneself consumption is so fierce, those two years hardly below assemble a few silver, be in instead rest on one's laurels. . . Hey, that regret in the heart, painful be determined, must learn conduct financial transactions, the first pace should be made from broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure of course, 2007 is me a year when " enters frugal difficult " by excessive, also let me fumble slowly a " of one a complete set of already can hardworking and thrifty, can small endowment the path of the conduct financial transactions of " , easy life of a small family passes by easy stages, healthy and contented. . . See the transition that I realized 2007:

2007: Year expense 30600 yuan, the month pays expenses 2550 yuan.

Arrived in an instant 2008, continue to carry on “ to economize the goodness of ” , reasonable allocation daily expense, clever use credit card, not only life quality was not reduced, and still can assure every months to have a certain quantity of deposit, at present I am in the expense first half of the year distributinged as follows 2008:

2008 (1~6 month) half an year always pays expenses: 23000 yuan (every months 3833 yuan, contain each following expenditure)


Include debt of 2007 credit card among them: 4000 yuan,

2008.1~6 month chummage: 8400 yuan,

2008.1~6 month travels: 5500 yuan,


2008 (1~6 month) daily total expenditure: 5100 yuan (every months 850 yuan, contain the expenditure such as idle away in seeking pleasure and word of coal of water and electricity)

From " " of moon a group of things with common features turns over to now became the master " of " money, I am in rejoice oneself change, to future I was full of confidence, can foreknow henceforth 5 to 10 years of my asset states.

Actually, "That paragraph of day of " of moon a group of things with common features let me sample the life, let me enjoy the pleasure with beautiful excessive money, also make I can am content with this kind is at present healthy, make the same score solid life position.

I see on forum a lot of XDJM are in chalk it up, actually, if be running water account merely and if undertaking classified statistic, do not have too great help. Must be self-ordained plan, distribute year of big plan to every quarter stage by stage, every months, go up every week even, target income should be included among the plan, the target deposits money, goal pay is waited a moment. If the target comes true, can give oneself certain award appropriately, can enjoy cate in order to go out on the weekend for instance, perhaps undertake be purchasinged wildly in lunar end, these can bring joy to oneself, the success that experiences conduct financial transactions feels. . .
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