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Short hire economy of price collective diving hotel to pound Olympic Games weak
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Olympic Games weak point hires room month hire 30 thousand

Booked the arrival of busy season in July and fail to last low confused Olympic Games weak point hires market infuse cardiac, the market trades circumstance as before insipid. House of a few low shows place of body Olympic Games around village, become the near future Olympic Games weak point hires the market clinch a deal brunt.

On July 12, the shop of door of company of 4 estate broker that the reporter visits road of north of Huizhong of Ya Yun Cun to go up with hiring room person and house-owner identity respectively, the result shows, olympic Games weak point hires house price callback to had become a fact, olympic Games weak point is hired clinch a deal hire is ferial price only 5 times the left and right sides, the 10 times hire that house-owner expects before has come to nothing, among them lunar hire 30 thousand yuan low room is chased after by the market hold in both hands.

“ if you should see a room, our at hand has ten houses, although the quote of house-owner is different, but can talk, I can find lunar rent to you for certain 30 thousand yuan house. I love ” Beijing the reporter that the clerk of inn of door of company of broker of my home estate tells to be headed for in order to lease room person portion, because supply is ample, demand is relatively insufficient, clinch a deal to make, intermediary company can help the person that rent a house cut price.

The staff member of Central Plains real estate also expressed similar point of view to the reporter, introduce according to him, the current choice room that becomes friendship condition to make clear the person that rent a house is very big, room source supply is ample, the rental room of all sorts of class has, among them the hire of one-room flat of ” of “ Rong Zunbao with lunar taller hire achieves 100 thousand yuan, rental circumstance wants the common village near excel.

The area of one-room flat of ’ of “‘ Rong Zunbao is very large, have left and right sides of 110 square metre, and common civilian curtilage two bedrooms area is about the same. And the service that ’ of ‘ Rong Zunbao provides and hotel type apartment are about the same, the person that rent a house has chef and baby-sitter not only, still can deploy full-time driver. Common civilian curtilage house-owner hopes to rent in that way price, it is impossible apparently. ”

Nevertheless, great majority is common civilian curtilage house-owner is not willing to move low case however, especially a few already have clinch a deal the village of the record, between house-owner vie psychology brings about partial weak point to hire house price house not to fall high, the influence arrives to clinch a deal actually.

“ a few days ago I go talking about a ‘ inferior abstruse the house of ’ of · view allusion, because this village somebody hired 50 thousand yuan (lunar hire) , this house-owner also wants 50 thousand yuan, my try every possible way to persuade sb he does not agree to depreciate. Original somebody is willing to give 30 thousand yuan to hire, house-owner does not agree namely, hired room person to choose the house of other finally. ” clerk Xiaoliu is very helpless, he says congener phenomenon has happened for many times, if house-owner again so hold to, probable meeting misses first-rate to clinch a deal time.
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