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Current situation of room of different land rent: The person that rent a house b
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House-owner Mr Liu passes tiger crouch the house learning an area of a 45 square metre, hang out one's shingle 430 thousand yuan sell, as a result of little person make inquires, he is flat turn and rent, very fast went with every months of 1300 yuan price lease. Secondhand the Gu Jiadong of wide buy course of study in house company Jiangsu says, secondhand recently the house sells hard, house-owner turns to the market that rent in succession, but after source of many the room that rent enters town, chummage began to appear again the evidence of coast.

Chummage general falls 89 yuan

Did chummage fall how many? All-round victory (Nanjing) newspaper of blurt out of Wang Jue of manager of department of market of buy estate company gives a few example: New market opening the apartment of square metre of 40—50 of Lang Shixi garden, so every months of chummage is 2500—2600 yuan, fell now 200 yuan or so, some fell even 400 yuan; The regnant international of Pearl River road, the hire of 38 square metre is in 2500 yuan previously, clinch a deal actually now valence also opens case of flatlet of husband agreement a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument with respect to city of 2300 yuan of or so; about the same also ……

“ should say, be in the busy season that rent now, rented passenger source increases many, but hire did not see however go up how many. Real estate of ” Nanjing Central Plains trades the center is in charge of Li Qiane to say, the supply and demand of room source passenger source of the market of building of before this year 6 months that rent is in than maintaining roughly 2: 1, resale of objective of a few investment is hire a phenomenon apparent, although be in,rent busy season, but the grow in quantity of room source lets chummage go low directly, the rental room source of “ drum-tower area, the first ten days of a month wanted one set than June normally in July little 89 ” .

Every months many source of 1000 much flatlet

I love Nanjing data of my home intermediary shows, july the first ten days of a month and photograph of the corresponding period of the first ten days of a month was compared in June, source of the room that rent increased 23.77% , passenger source increased 43.55% , clinch a deal the quantity increased 54.88% .

“ is secondhand room deal is bad, much room source enters the market that rent, bring about chummage occurrence coast. The Gu Jiadong of wide buy course of study in ” says, according to relevant data statistic, this year 1—6 month, nanjing city is secondhand the room clinchs a deal total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 20050, and was 25180 first half of the year last year, clinched a deal to drop compared to the same period 20.37% . Should appear in business market originally, emerge to the market that rent now, “ reckons a month has 1000 to cover at least is the house that sell originally, became rental room source now. ”
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