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Rent price gradually rose Deal strong reminder hot housing rental market in Yinc
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Into May, the nation's cities have emerged in most of the phenomenon of soaring rents. Similarly, second-hand housing market turnover Yinchuan also the status remains in the doldrums, the housing rental market was heating up, the rent increase over last year by 15%, while in Xingqing to some lots, the rent increase is more than 30%. Sales volume decline in value of the market stagnation, why the reverse line of the rental market? In an "up", those who can not afford housing in the "ant" how should we respond?

A rental market heating up

Yinchuan part of the second-hand housing site data show that since the beginning of this year in May, housing rent amount rises. Purple Golden Phoenix area is 70 square meters garden area the same stripped-down room, in March marked the monthly rental price of 700 yuan, and in the end of June, has risen to 800 yuan / month. Xingqing district lake district, a 75 square meters fully equipped rental housing, their prices in January was 680 yuan / month; by early July, only 56 square meters of stripped-down set of rooms, rent price reached 850 yuan / month .

July 7, the reporter saw in a number of real estate agency, a variety of rental information is placed in a prominent location. Number of intermediary nodes are said, the rental market more active than before. Parkson property of Li Jie, told reporters in June from the start, get a house rental here more than two to three as the original, while bearing more than four or five into renters.

"The recent two or three months, the average monthly rent housing in Yinchuan in about 15% increase, and some good location of the house will be higher." Yinchuan Maya housing agency, said executive vice president Chun Ho.

Yinchuan in the real estate agency manager is satisfied that the king is satisfied, said, in addition to broad based, residential housing prices, operating room rent is skyrocketing, and some even doubled. The company's mall stores to rent houses for several days were very tense, in order to rent a house as soon as possible, many tenant rent price requirements of naturally reduced.

Intermediary for Letting B

"New Deal real estate intermediary for some small and medium sized shops, the impact is very large, some strength is not big enough to close the intermediary stores also face the situation." Yinchuan Maya housing agency that the executive vice president Chun Ho.

In the interview, an agency head also said that their property this month, trading volume is currently zero, a house has not sold, can only be maintained by eating the old original. In this case, the company focus has shifted to the rental business. Earlier this year some of the new intermediary companies involved in real estate market, it is clear that only the housing rental market, will not consider second-hand housing transactions.

Li Jie Parkson property sold only two sets of recent second-hand housing, "staff who are now renting as a 'main' to do, or may have a job."

C sublet rigid policy control needs to promote increased year by year to buy

May and June are generally the low season for the housing rental market in Yinchuan, why this sudden flourish, but gradually rising rents?

Yinchuan, China and Namibia real estate agent, said the manager of the king is satisfied, a series of market regulation policies, the volume growing in the doldrums, but the prices did not occur in Yinchuan loose. So from the beginning to buy the number of sublet part of the increase will be sold to rental property owners, "follow the market," driving up rental prices.

"Deal of the property market rent increases that have the effect of regulation, that buyers of the latter part of the market pessimism." Housing agency Yinchuan Maya Ho, executive vice president of spring that buyers want to choose the one hand waiting for an opportunity shot game developers , on the other hand choose to rent accommodation.

In the interview, the reporter also learned that, with the city of Yinchuan City, the rapid economic development, migrant workers, entrepreneurs increasing year by year, rigid strong demand, the natural hot rental market. Graduation season has now come to the market and pour into a large group of students needed to rent. Of course, there are some houses some of intermediary companies in order to compete, earn intermediary fees, from driving up their prices, but after only a few.

D construction of affordable housing continue to increase investment

"The house can not afford, and now even renting has become difficult, those of us who really how to live?" College years, has been living in the rental Zhang Silver Avenue grievances to reporters. And as Zhang Thus, no fixed abode of the "ant" in Yinchuan, there are many.

In the interview, many people also said that the housing issue is related to people's livelihood, rent increases pressure on the disadvantaged groups of society is obvious. Therefore, the proposed standardized housing rental market as soon as possible, on the real estate agents and rental property owners to verify compliance, we must follow suit to avoid price increases during the lease term owners, but also drive up the rent for the housing agency were severely punished. Also, for low-income groups, the employer should pay for or provide dormitory housing subsidies. Government should also develop low-cost housing and economic rental housing, for coverage to more people.

In this regard, the Yinchuan City housing security bureau official says the long terms, lack of rental housing demand and supply of adequate housing, rental prices rose to become the inhibition of fundamental factors. In recent years, the Yinchuan City has increased the protection of housing construction, the new focus on the "Wuli livable", "Juan home" two low-rent housing projects. Meanwhile, construction of Yinchuan City in accordance with the "two cities should" work goals, building renovation in 2008 Tongda Street, Jinfeng District "Home of migrant workers" and the Golden Phoenix area mill cottage two sets of 97, Lane 2009, and transformation of China and Germany residential buildings of 80 units, New Star Chinese foreign entrepreneurs apartments 54 units, for a total of nearly a thousand foreign entrepreneurs to solve the housing problem. Starting this year, will further increase funding in this area, so that more people for "Home Ownership."