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Yinchuan, the first built with low-rent housing project put into use
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July 12, the city's first focus on building low-rent housing project with - "Squeak Court" area for distribution, Building 1, check the beginning, 30 families will stay at the housing difficulties of low-income families. It is understood that "Squeak Court" area located in the Xixia Huai Road, were allocated to build 30 sets of low-rent housing. After the new district of Yinchuan City, built with low-cost housing projects will be launched one by one.

In recent years, the city housing and social security departments to actively adopt new construction, renovation, with construction, buy, etc., to do everything possible to increase the availability of low-rent housing. June 1, 2008, in order to speed up the construction of low-rent housing, Yinchuan City, has introduced the "Yinchuan City, the construction of new residential neighborhoods in the Provisional Regulations on low-cost housing" to provide new affordable housing and commercial residential quarters, respectively, in accordance with the construction area of 5 % and 3% of the proportion allocated to build low-rent housing. This is the first time in Yinchuan City, the form of low-rent housing by building regulations and standards into the overall urban planning. According to regulations, all new residential construction must be built with the first phase of low-rent housing, each must be detached single-family housing, with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and electricity, heating and other facilities. Regulation also requires that if the new district for planning and other reasons can not really built with low-rent housing, and must be approved by the city of Yinchuan, the construction unit can be taken off-site construction methods, or pay the appropriate capital cost to the government, housing security by the Yinchuan City Bureau of Management on behalf of the building.