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Cohesion of course of study is anxious: Why did price of Shen Hongsheng house fa
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Building price fall, ought to saying is meddlesome, how did house price fall to also be hurt civilian? The analysis rises the ” of “ building city of dispute reason, the consumption that brings about blame reason and the following the reason of 3 respects:

It is, a few buildings developed the wrong sales promotion step that business takes to cheat customer, the person that let buy a house not less thinks building city is swelled not to drop only, then, the very much person that buy a house catchs one ring room to say again in the hand first. Have not thinks, the plan cannot catch up with change, building city removed ” of “ wind and cloud suddenly, house price begins to drop, do such buildings pay the customer in the hand how not complaint?

2 be, price of this anteroom price is expensive unusual, let common people bear not to rise, common people because house price is too expensive and can not afford a room, common people lives without the room, how can satisfactory? Common saying says, how to occupy ability happy industry. Plus wealthy person not only house lives, and the room that return store up, fry a room, regard housing as the “ passageway ” of obtain profit, it is housing insecurity at the same time, across is big house covers Xiaofang, there is a ” of wolf of “ supercilious look inside.

3 be, business of a few development, to cover the firm person that buy a house, create atmosphere of room source insecurity intentionally, the person that let buy a house buys a house first, lack reason plus some, cause house price to ever wandered in higher-priced for a time, have the state that goes up not to drop only greatly. Result, when house price begins to drop, investor of a few buildings breathes out greatly with the person that buy a house be duped, same house sells a different price, ask to develop business to compensate price difference in succession.

Interpose the reason at these a few respects, the author thinks, building price fall, ought to saying is meddlesome, to numerous housing consumer, benefit is more than fraud, should not be the act that harms the people. Although some is harmed, but also be minority only, it is brief. Integrated above element of a few respects, can remind people a few more rational on the problem that buy a house. Because the country had increased strength of macroscopical adjusting control to housing, and through economy applicable room and cheap rent a house will alleviate the contradiction of housing and pressure, hold the policy of good country so, also be the efficient way of reasonable consumption. Said again, people resents early to the high price of housing, expectation country takes out tweak, had formed a trend, it is collective expect, so, go to again why does “ cast peach to hold in the arms over there development business plum ” ? Get out of the way sends dealer, include a few local government to drink ” of buccal “ cold water, not soberer?

House price falls the macroscopical adjusting control that shows a government produced positive effect, the move that shows a government squeezes the moisture that gave false ” of building city “ , return actual prices at broad consumer, let consumer get more material benefit. The room falls ought to be the good move of benefit civilian!
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