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Cohesion of course of study is anxious: Go against situation and on first admira
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The course is prepared actively, beijing Central Plains is new subsidiary bank of city of the Milky Way of —— of an admiral branch was in on April 2 abundant stage city of the Milky Way of road of Ou Jiayuan north is royal practice.

Environment of city of the Milky Way is beautiful, each establishment form a complete set is complete, rise from 2003 in all 3 period construction is finished, total floor area 1.12 million M2, resident amounts to 7000 high-grade community. City of the Milky Way is located in south 3, among 4 annulus region, it is main business encircles the area austral the capital, circuitry of more than 10 traffic arrives directly at urban hinterland, in addition, 4 lines are located in the subway in the program city of the Milky Way 3 period east the door, formed convenient, stereo transportation network further. Additional know, city hair changes appoint in " Beijing countryman economy and social development plan were unscrambled 2008 " express clearly 2008, beijing has 23 to basically invest the city austral project general settle, the house property market that this is sure to be the area austral Beijing brings new spring.

High grade high-grade building dish the client that centered speak or sing alternately group, convenience situation offerred good door shop to publicize the effect, governmental development planned to bring new development turning point, subsidiary bank of city of Central Plains the Milky Way chooses to be in this practice, solid for the city austral “ race to control of the before last of advantageous hilltop ” lift.

400Of M2 exceed large area, the office environment of easy manner, subsidiary bank of city of the Milky Way of Beijing Central Plains showed new features of Beijing Central Plains and character to faculty and client with the appearance of Central Plains new admiral. Below the current political situation that shows cold and cheerless a bit in market of Beijing house property, central Plains real estate still is gone against with lofty stance situation and on, garrison south city, showed its uncommon actual strength and determination to Beijing citizen again.

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