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I love my home: ZhongGuanCun rents the one source that taste a room -- " Yan Don
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Yan Dongyuan ” belongs to Beijing University to teach the worker's house, no matter here is environment or building character are called “ tastes room source ” . Because, the permutation of these pedagogic residence number, it is arrangement of entire school whole. ” of “ Yan Dongyuan begins from 21, numerous and distinguished scholar has lived in the garden. Ancient writing learns domestic Mr Ronggeng to ever had lived 35 Xiaolou. Because here has long culture atmosphere, it is the room source with a lot of yearning person that rent a house.

I love “ staff member of my home ” introduces, because here belongs to apartment of Beijing University worker, room source and mishandle, but the building that can lease here is exceedingly good also. Here peaceful, natural surroundings suits to be engaged in the personage of the respect such as literature very much. Current, the renting demand of this area is very much, the reason depends on Beijing University attached primary school was about to term begins September, large quantities of parents not hesitate heavy gold rents a house in here.

Current, ” of “ Yan Dongyuan resides hire to be in 2000 yuan / lunar • is covered, 2 room rent is in 3000 yuan / lunar • is covered, 3 room rent is in 4500 yuan / lunar • covers above. Additional, village Ximen Zaizhong involves village north way, a lot of cars are passed from now on, traffic is very convenient. Walk 10 minutes to be able to arrive at ZhongGuanCun from Xiaoou, it is the home Le Fu that can go to ZhongGuanCun, OK also to shop spend a supermarket to the Yi Chulian of the road that become your home, life form a complete set is perfect.

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