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Beijing Olympic Games pays close attention to: Hotel or domestic hotel live duri
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Inside the office that in Haidian Ou Zhichun road is not worth 10 square metre, tong Xiaoqing of 27 years old is explaining the job to a staff member.

Tong Xiaoqing is one is managed short-term the total controller of the ” of “ family hotel that rents a house. She is not Peking Man, when Tsinghua reads, the student that she discovers to a lot of students that reach school of new Oriental language need the short-term around ——— that rent a house to learn a foreign language to these will tell, the dormitory of new east cannot satisfy all requirement, live guesthouse is too extravagant, average room source is willing not quite again short-term and rental. Tong Xiaoqing was certain this a little bit just about, resolutely the opportunity that the job that quited oneself and Tsinghua study, systemic heart began the journey that domestic hotel does poineering work.

” of hotel of family of Chinese type “

The concept of ” of “ family hotel comes from abroad, this is hotel of kind of popular Yu Ou's beautiful small-sized family type, hotel of western country family very develop, have around each wind tourist attraction almost, 2/3 what the price is equivalent to common hotel about.

The domestic hotel of the domestic hotel that Tong Xiaoqing manages and abroad differs somewhat, the house in her hand is from what hire over there others. “ I am not sublessor, provide the building medium that individuation serves however. ” Tong Xiaoqing says, the house on her hand is from hire over there landlord those who come is complete decorate a room, she and oneself group (do not exceed 10 people) buy of again elaborate 佈 . For example, sheet color has 78 kinds, the room that the client can choose to admire in the heart on the website with buy of the 佈 on the bed. They still provide fuel in the kitchen for lodger, common guesthouse cannot rival this.

The ” of “ sweet pastry during the Olympic Games

With operator of numerous family hotel, tong Xiaoqing hopes to be able to be in shared in the economic benefits of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 a cup of a thick soup.

2008 Beijing? During W carries, predict to will tourist of about a hundred 10 thousand home and sight-seer of 500 thousand abroad swarm into a capital, massive tourist amount trial is worn the reception of Beijing ability. According to famous public house investment serves orgnaization intermediate to measure count of group of couplet travel hotel, beijing area had start business of 6 high-grade hotels 2006, add guest room newly 1817; The high-grade hotel of new 2007 start business achieves 13, add guest room newly 4005; And 2008, will have start business of 18 high-grade hotels, add guest room newly to achieve 7112. Among them, sweet case lira, Suofeite, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, Hilton, Weisiting, appropriate is thought of surely, well-known trademark is in international of Nuo rich special grade 2007—2008 year new public house is in Beijing practice.
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