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Olympic Games focusing: Beijing of Olympic Games drawing near is short hire a ro
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0 clinch a deal

The Olympic Games draws near increasingly make Beijing short-term rent the market times get attention. And the information that comes from intermediary of house property of Beijing much home shows however, still do not have at present individual clinch a deal record.

“ our company has not clinched a deal at present one odd Olympic Games is short-term the business that rent. I love ” Beijing Li Ji of company of broker of my home estate tells our newspaper the reporter, although the house-owner of nearly 20% expresses to want to raise the renting price during the Olympic Games, but be willing to buy sheet for this without the person that rent a house.

The Olympic Games that appoints as the Olympic Games Organizing Committee rents market middleman, I loved my home to establish independent department, basically offer a group to hire a service to the organization such as travel agent, but Li Ji tells a reporter, the travel agent with only not much amount to seeks advice to the company, and up to now one sheet was not signed.

The house-owner that “ comes to our company consult rental business is very much, but did not clinch a deal. Wei of annals of king of company of broker of estate of home of ” Beijing catenary expresses, catenary home and the case that I love my home are similar, although rolled out a series of main services to hire a service at the Olympic Games weak point of single tourist, but the market is resonant flatly.

Li Ji thinks, beijing hotel is resourceful, great billabong the living demand of Olympic Games tourist, the number that needs finally to solve living problem through renting civilian house may be far anticipate under the market.

News orgnaization high price rents a house

Periphery of Olympic Games place is considered as the heat area that Olympic Games weak point leases by company of much home broker, also be house-owner carries the district with valence the strongest desire, during the reporter discovered an Olympic Games on the forum of high-grade in the part village, high price seeks the information that hires a house owned by a citizen, among them medium of TV of a Hong Kong, wish with day hire 300 dollars rent some village one-room flat.

The much that these give “ to rent a house at high price is news orgnaization, do not have catholicity. ”Analysis of king annals Wei says, the Olympic Games will attract numerous news orgnaization to head for a report, the news orgnaization that fails to book circumjacent hotel in time is forced to rent a house in periphery of Olympic Games place.

The reporter visited high price of media of that Hong Kong to try costly village, and professional representative the personnel of house property intermediary of the business of this village building that rent tells a reporter, did not receive high price to rent order for goods, at present the renting price of village one-room flat is controlled in month of 3000 yuan of / .
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