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Global expert alleges: "The space of be issued to lower levels of Chinese house
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In by a definite date high level of 3 days is participated in after reaching a dialog, annual meeting was in forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle yesterday afternoon 2008 Hainan rich a huge legendary turtle concludes. Theme of current annual meeting is “ green Asia: Win-win ” comes true in change. During annual meeting, forum was held the communication that pays close attention to a topic about the world such as change of reforming and opening of green the sources of energy, China, climate and discuss, protruding showed green, change, win-win 3 large window.

Department of Commerce was announced yesterday, the whole nation is approved newly first quarter this year establish a foreign trader to invest an enterprise 6949 ……

” of shortage of global “ food is delayed to 2010

Last year, global cereal rises in price 42% . At present world commissariat lays in the nadir that already fell to come to 30 years, maintain 53 days quite only, far under the level of 169 days at the beginning of last year. Recent estimation shows world bank, international rice price will rise this year 55% .

Go to the grain price henceforth situation, the expert of the orgnaization such as Ministry of Agriculture of compose of agriculture machinery of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, U.N. food, United States and world bank is forecasted, situation of current insecurity of supply and demand will be controlled to 2010 continuously, price of international commissariat name will fall stage by stage 2015 to the level at the beginning of 2007.

Although international grain price already amounted to 20 years new tall, but domestic grain price is relatively stable. The data of the Ministry of Agriculture makes clear, self-sufficient rate comes to our country commissariat 10 years be stabilized all the time maintain in 95% above, commissariat reserve amounts to 150 million tons to go to 200 million tons, inventory level is times more than world average level.

Price of the house that prop up involves 4 big variable litre

Did house price go 2008 situation how? Honored guest of dialog of the academia that attends ” of estate of dialog of annual meeting “ , business circles thinks: Want Chinese economy to continue to maintain high speed growth, town to change interest rate of process proceed, bank to continue to be only negative, the space of be issued to lower levels of commodity house price is not large. Suffer above element and effect of domestic and international macroscopical economy, uncertainty raises house price, but tend stage by stage on the whole reason.

Fill group president Hu Zuliu high to express: Level of purchasing power, interest rate, can control income, and house price is as more variable than 4 as what can control income, can explain all countries basically the house price of 90% above is fluctuant. These variable are in what China appears to supporting commodity house price at present to climb litre.
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