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Send the allowance that rent a house to young talent? Each every months of allow
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The allowance that rent a house files a requirement:

Undergraduate course graduation, someone just resides card, 35 years old the following, do not have income of dormitory, month without property right room, unit 3000 yuan the following, signed contract of two years of above with the enterprise inside area of garden of science and technology at the same time.

The young Wang Dong that works in area of garden of answer day science and technology (alias) the colleague Chen Hua with him together, just in Yang Pu area politics rented a two rooms on civilian road the house of one hall, hire every months 1800 yuan, among them the talent of bureau of human affairs of Yang Pu region hires room allowance to pay 400 yuan for them, it is OK that they should hand in 1400 yuan twice. Wang Dong and Chen Hua are the person first is benefited that talent of youth of Yang Pu area hires room allowance policy.

Advisory phone 300 many

Wang Dong in area of garden of answer day science and technology limited company of technology of a photoelectricity goes to work, the university graduated 2004, the job is fast 4 years, be anxious for housing problem all the time however, “ just graduated two years that, a good friend is read in answer dawn grind, I with respect to ‘ with thickskinned ’ and he packs a room. ” but the good friend also graduated later, wang Dong is forced to be moved, hire together with classmate and colleague the house of room door, lived more than one year again.

This year in March, section chief of unit human affairs informs Wang Dong, yang Pu area rolls out a talent to hire room allowance policy, his as it happens accords with a condition, can apply for 200 yuan allowance every months. Then, wang Dong and colleague Chen Hua a fill in a form and submit it to the leadership each form, successful application leaves this allowance. “ this ability is bold and rental the room that left a two rooms, need every months to partake only each 700 yuan of chummage, or can susceptive. ” Wang Dong sighs with emotion, “ month income is less than 3000 yuan, buy a room not to have the courage to think, this policy is really right we are helpful.

According to introducing, this talent leases Yang Pu area room allowance policy is rolled out formally this year in January, the purpose is to just entered duty or economic atmosphere not quite ideal youth talented person provides the subsidy that rent a house, every young talent that accords with a condition wins subsidy every months 200 yuan, first garden of garden of science and technology of day of answer of make choice of, the science and technology that be the same as aid, on garden of ability of manage engineering course, intellectual property garden and achieve wisdom heaven and earth the enterprise of 5 garden area.

According to Yang Pu bureau of region human affairs concerns personage introduction, “ makes the goal of this policy, was the young person with not quite ideal economic atmosphere to resolve bit of real difficulty already, also be to be attracted better with tarry talent. ”
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